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Undecided? (adapted from a 2010 pre-midterm election rant)  click here to subscribe to the eddobloggo RSS feed 


As much as many of us despise progressives for what they have said, for how they have said it and for the destructiveness of their socialist agenda, you certainly cannot fault any of the remaining zombies for being undecided.  Whether they have the guts to admit it, Democrats have decided to go down with the Obama ship. 



Most of the rest of us also decided long ago...

Obama will be walking back plenty of his pronouncements once he becomes a lame duck.

"When the Chief Justice read me the oath and came to the words ’support the Constitution of the United States,’ I felt like saying: ‘Yes, but it’s the Constitution as I understand it, flexible enough to meet any new problem of democracy -- not the kind of Constitution your court has raised up as a barrier to progress and democracy.''


If, as it would be logical to suspect, those who are currently undecided had also been undecided right up until the last week of the 2008 campaign when his catchword mantra ultimately became the exclusive impetus to vote for Barack Hussein Obama II, then for the sake of decency and consistency you must also vote to oust those who have failed to fulfill your previous eleventh hour fantasy "change" compulsion.


True, no one has been hammering that single-word slogan into your subconscious this year, but if you just think beautiful thoughts about the moment you finally made up your mind six years ago and the instant relief it provided, you will be doing a fine and patriotic thing when you pull the change lever again this Election Day.


It's OK to pity Obama while you vote out his cronies.  Only a handful of those avowed change-lings are willing even to admit that they voted for their Dear Leader -- TWICE -- since your last rare moment of decisiveness. 


Think of it undecideds.  If you found it difficult to make up your mind when two somewhat similar candidates were running against each other yet only one carried enough of GWB's baggage to give you pause, then dumping dozens of baggage-carrying senators, congressmen and governors in the name of change should be a slam-dunk decision for you this time around.


It doesn't really matter that you may not stand for a single thing except the desire for change.  Being uncommitted -- even wishy-washy -- is well within your rights as a US citizen and is perfectly consistent with your past voting history.


It doesn't matter, either, if you know little or nothing about candidates who don't have D's after their names.  How much did you know about Barack Obama when you went with the flow and voted him into office? 


If it makes you feel any better, go ahead and tell all of your friends, relatives and co-workers that you will always reserve the right to be undecided even until the moment before you enter the polling place.  Tell them as emphatically as you can that two years from now you may just vote out the very candidates you voted for on November 4, 2014.


Don't worry if you can't make up your mind what to have for breakfast tomorrow morning. 


Don't sweat it if you are unable to answer simple questions from your spouse like "Would you rather repaint the bedroom blue or off-white?" 


There is no shame in naming your kid after the birthing hospital because you couldn't decide on a name before the baby was born a week early.  Mercy is a perfectly nice name -- even for a boy.


Deciding whom to vote for is completely different.  Just take your time and get it right this time.


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I am hopeful that this election is the turning point back to the center for this country.  Socialism has been tried and the middle class in this country realize it pretty much stinks.  Hoping to get Mary Landrieu out of our state in December, but at least now, even if she claws her way back, she will be irrelevant.

T. Daigle
Lafayette, LA

[Apparently, she's more irrelevant than you thought, Lucy The Dem ad money people aren't spending a dime on her run-off campaign.  They have "run off" and, hopefully, Mary will do the same when the dust clears.  Keep the faith.  -ED]


Whatup, m'boy?!!?    Long time, no see! Glad to read you still alive and kickin' it with your right (but oh-so-wrong) tribe.

Enjoy the elections? I sure did. Made me a couple of Benjies on side bets that the Elephants would beat the Donkeys. Surprised?

You know me, Ed. The Matlock Rule is "Never mix politics with bitness."

I'm handicapping Mary to beat the Koch Brudders' Boob, 52-48%. It's a sucker's bet, with all them Bourbon Street ballot boxes in operation. Eddie the Felon will win, too, and Bobby "Rahib" Jindal is burning an extra pinch of incense in thanks that Fast Eddie couldn't run for Guv'nor...again.

Oh, BTW, I have it on good source that BO just ordered a case of ink pens and a calligraphy set, so he can write "Veto" realllllly fancy-like....


Matlock 61
New Koch City, LA
(Miss me?)

[Of course I miss you, Revbro. But I'll get over it. I'm looking forward to voting for Gov. Jindal on the NY Conservative Party line in '16.  I guarantee he'll be on the ticket!  Send my best to all your prosperous black Obamunist friends -- if you can find one. Keep the Faith. -ED]

Are we all having any 'fun' yet? New York has everyone's buddy Bloomberg to deal with and he has managed to influence the vote in Washington state with all his money.

Of course our current leader will not tolerate the one-upmanship and he fully intends to make most of us tax paying Americans suffer. Reminds me of an extremely spoiled child with 'dangerous' plans...



The Wild, Wild West.

I've studied up on the candidates to a greater degree this year than I have any other year or election cycle. Still, I fall into the undecided category of voters, likely to not vote at all.

I cannot in good conscious vote for any politician that runs negative or scare-based ad campaigns. If instilling fear and lying is what it takes to get elected, they will have to rely on votes from others that believe them. The bad news, they're all doing it, and it seems worse this year than in any other recent election.

Regardless of outcomes, I'm excited to see the fallout. It should be an interesting couple of years with plenty of political drama.



Wausau, WI Daily Herald

[You stole my idea for a sequel...Second Best-case Scenario...Undecideds Stay Home! -ED]

...Keep talking down to your readers ed. I'll bet that actually pumps the nads of your core constituents...


The same low-information "undecided" voters you make fun of for electing Obama, are the same morons who think they're now participating in a Tea-bagger "revolution" - - WE both know you can fool most people, most of the time. Guess now I'M talking down to your readers.



Austin, TX American-Statesman

[I'm spoofing the way most people, ostensibly lefties, voted for Obama and the reason we're in such deep doo-doo right now...as well as the way your socialista Dear Leader talks down to the folks -- including Supreme Court Justices more learned and experienced than himself. But I didn't expect lefty zombies to realize that, let alone have a sense of humor about it. -ED]

Pretty much made up my mind during the Fall of 1978.



Clarksville, TN

I voted for Obama.  Do I still support him?  You bet, and I pray that he will get us through this as I would with anybody that was elected. My prayer is that there will be a person or persons who will do what is for the good of all....and I mean ALL, not just what some would call the selected few, I mean regardless of their religious beliefs, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or any other characterization. As I believe we are all human beings, good, bad or indifferent. We ALL are loved by God.  I do not worry for our future, I just pray that any governing body will base their decisions and direct their leadership "for the good of all". 



Jefferson City, MO

[Since this comment was sent from an "State Of Missouri Office Of Administration" IP address I find it difficult to believe that it is non-partisan.  Nonetheless, I agree that we need to pray to God that our leaders will be motivated to work "for the good of all". -ED]

I voted last week and mailed it in already. I took my time over morning coffee and read everything twice. I did not vote for any party I voted for who I thought could help me. I think it's our turn to be in the front of the line...60 year old working men and women just trying to get to the finish line with out anybody taking anymore of our back first. Thanks for the read Ed.



Palm Springs, CA Desert Sun

I know who I am voting against.



Wausau, WI Daily Herald

Do it right this time?  I hope those who were blinded by the media and obama do the right thing this time.  As for me I have always voted for the right.   Now it is up the real people who will be elected to office to do the right/proper thing and restore a constitutional government.



Palm Desert, CA

Registered Independent and made my decision(s) and just had a few beers and a great prime rib dinner up the street to celebrate. Don't know what the Tea Party is really all about, I read the voter pamphlet and based on both sides made a decision to vote on the facts and not fiction or emotions...



Great Falls, MT Tribune

[Care to extrapolate for the exit poll? Or does "Independent" mean you never having to say you're sorry? -ED]

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public and this includes "undecided voters".



Wausau, WI Daily Herald

eddo, I have stated I am an independent, yet I also admit I voted for Obummer...I admit I screwed up and fell for a slick tongue snake oil salesman...


...definitely lends credence to the old saying "you can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."



Great Falls, MT Tribune

[And now that you've come to your senses he wants you to sit in the back with the rest of us who knew what was up all along. -ED]

The Demorat liberal policies of the last 40 years in this state are failing. The Demorat controlled Congress for the last 3 years is failing. Why would you vote for an incumbent Demorat unless you are receiving welfare and never want to get off of it???



Palm Springs, CA Desert Sun

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