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Just say nope.  

Yet another John Boehner compromise with the administration gave Pope Francis the pulpit in Congress just as the Speaker's resignation announcement was making headlines.

"What is it about this pope? People can't stop watching the coverage of his visit."  That's what FoxNews Anchor Harris Faulkner said during a live report of Pope Francis' Sunday evening departure from Philadelphia's international airport.


Truth is, people couldn't stop watching TV coverage of Francis' visit because that's all you could find on every news network -- even those that normally go with the most politically correct, secularly anti-Christian presentation of current events possible.

I was fiddling with the remote late Sunday afternoon and happened to land on FoxNews just as Ms. Faulkner was asking her rhetorical question which, I suspect, echoed the gushy sentiment that had been expressed by nearly every one of her colleagues and competitors prior to the pope's airport sendoff.  I quickly opted for the American Pickers who were chasing British motorcycles stuff in West Virginia.


It's not that I have it in for the pope or even that Francis and I have so many political differences of opinion. For that matter, those aforementioned mainstream media secularists are on the diametrically opposite end of the spectrum from Pope Francis on the vast majority of issues -- certainly on each and every all-important leftist sex/gender-related issue from out-of-wedlock sex to contraception to abortion to homosexual unions.


So why was minute-by-minute coverage of Francis' American visit so pervasive?

Since there is no apparent money or corruption trail to follow in this instance, the next thing one should always examine whenever progressives are deeply involved is agenda enhancement. Agenda-fulfillment would be an even bigger clue.


It isn't enough to say, as you probably had already surmised before the pontiff's arrival, "Pope Francis doesn't have a conservative bone in his body."  Well, neither do Louis Farrakhan or Joel Osteen but you'll never see the alphabet networks follow either of them around for three or four days, let alone get warm and fuzzy over their speeches and outreaches.


Before he jumped into the back seat of his eco-friendly FIAT sedan in D.C. the pope had visited Fidel and Raul Castro in Cuba. While in Cuba he never uttered a word about the Castro regime's despicable human rights record and didn't even touch on communism's perpetual worldwide attack on religion and religious freedom.  On earlier occasions and during his Cuba visit Francis, in so many words, advocated free immigration and admonished Western nations to embrace illegal aliens. The pope has also been an advocate of the so-called science of global warming.


In a very big way this pope validates the Obamunist agenda. That he chose to meet with and encourage Kim Davis (the Christian Kentucky county clerk who went to jail rather than obey a judge's order to issue same-sex marriage licenses) in secret makes it appear that politically progressive is the way that Francis actually wants to be perceived and remembered by Americans.


The more Francis speaks the left-friendlier he gets.  Keeping cameras and michrophones trained on him, therefore, is bound to produce progressive-aggrandizing sound bites -- even if some of them have to be explanation-tweaked by leftist pundits to insure maximum agenda-agreement and even if the pundits and talking heads had to pretend, during their fawning coverage, that the Catholic church and Christianity as a whole are not their mortal enemy.


Should a fundamentalist pontiff with a predictably conservative message ever visit the USA you'll see how quickly -- just as quickly as this renegade scribe switched from redundantly fawning Francis coverage to the Pickers -- the hypocritical mainstream media will decide to just say "nope" to the pope.


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It's almost frightening just how accurate the "Left Behind " boys laid out what was to come in regard to world leadership. The characters, including the pontiff, are almost scripted from the series. I guess we should all re-examine the other messages in that compelling drama. At this point, we could all save ourselves quite a bit of heart ache.

Mary Martin

New Columbia, PA

The Pope is just a man who happens to head a particular religion. I don't understand the fixation with this man. Why don't we Christians get together and vote us a head of all Christian religions, like say, T.D. Jakes?



Montgomery, AL

[The head of all Christianity is the Lord Jesus.  As such, my brother, no man is necessary or important to Christians now or in the future.  That non-Christians may see the pope or other denominational so-called "religious leaders" as important, newsworthy figures should not matter to believers but, as Mary abstractly opines, may actually be in keeping with scripture that warns of false prophets in our age. -ED]

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