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Perhaps you too have lived through times that were described as "scary" even by rational, objective people.  If so, you've known war and cold war, terrorism, personal bouts with illness, accidental injuries and people who were intent on doing you physical harm.  You've also suffered through hard times, natural disasters and other personal tragedies.  Nonetheless, despite all that, your FQ (Fear Quotient) remains low.


Perhaps my own fearlessness also accrues to survived life experiences like living and working in rough places, involvement with speed sports and extensive self-defensive dealings with belligerently confrontational car buyers.¡¡

JFK inspired American exceptionalism. Perhaps our former leaders who encouraged and inspired nationalism, pride, creativity, ingenuity, strength and a high priority on the survival of American traditionalism were able to instill in us the knowledge that, along with a vast majority of like-minded citizens, we will succeed, our goals will always be met and there is little, if anything, to fear. Rudy Giuliani - A leader who inspired American exceptionalism.

Perhaps, like me, you have a low FQ as a result of your faith in GOD who promises -- in writing -- that no man or man-caused disaster can ever remove us from his eternal protection.  "Fear not!" is an oft-stated Biblical commandment.


So when, as he did the day before the Thanksgiving holiday, Barack Hussein Obama II attempts to assuage Americans' fear -- specifically, the fear of an imminent terrorist attack by the very ISIS that he chooses to underestimate for selfish, agenda-driven political reasons -- the reaction of the people is surprisingly similar across the board, despite that ever-widening schism between the two distinctly different Americas. The Great Divide, as it were, is the main element of Obama's legacy and the byproduct of his endless lecturing.


Neither Obamunists nor the rest of us are comforted, let alone inspired, by Obama's fear message.  Not surprisingly, there is a growing number, on both sides of the divide, who realize that we are being cheated out of the optimized national defense promised in Obama's oath of office. But aside from that encouraging commonality, after each of Obama's naive lectures his remaining apologists delight in the embarrassingly dangerous weakened America that they are responsible for enabling. They only protest the lesser injustices that their agenda-driven leaders promote. 


Speaking of de-prioritized leftist protest causes, your Dear Leader not only chooses "climate change" kvetching over an aggressive ISIS cool-down but even over a golf outing or the adulation of a speech to elites.  Of course, spending taxpayers' money to hang out with other hypocritical jet fuel wasters in Gay Paree with beefed-up Secret Service protection is grossly elitist in and of itself.


Obama referred to "climate change" as "the greatest threat to future generations" in his State of the Union address.  A few days ago at a joint press conference he boasted: "Next week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference. What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children."


Can't you just visualize jihadist villains saying "Curses!  Foiled again." after hearing that?


Not to be intentionally repetitive, but with each passing day it is increasingly apparent to those who truly care about our nation, it's survival, growth and success that Barack Obama is, above all other elements, "the greatest threat to future generations" of Americans.  Having been afraid to remove him from power by impeachment or some other method, we need a lecture on the subject of "fear" that tells it like it really is to our elected representatives: 


If you're too afraid to bring articles of impeachment against this rogue, anti-American president, at least muster the courage to Congressionally force him, to the greatest possible extent, to fulfill the specific obligations of his office -- no more and no less!


As evidenced by the success of outsiders and anti-establishment candidates, the people have no fear of ousting you for refusing to act on our demands.


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