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Is there actually such thing as the Alt Right movement?  If so, most of us here are charter members and, in that respect, we are far more capable of defining what leftist Democrats suddenly consider to be the "vast right-wing conspiracy" -- now on steroids -- that Hillary Clinton has been warning them about since ancient times.

If all else fails, Ctrl+Alt+Del

Despite your status as a political news junkie I doubt that you heard anything about this so-called Alt Right movement one moment sooner than I did. The silly term has gone viral as a result of Hillary Clinton, her campaign surrogates and the slobbering media making it a major talking point over the last week or so.  Not unexpectedly, however, it remains mysterious and ill-defined. 


Alt Right is a dog whistle phrase meant to demonize the so-called movement's membership for being even more dangerous than run-of-the-mill right-wingers.  Why? Because Alt Righters have more in common with the "bigoted, unqualified, dim-witted despicable" opponent of the Secretary of Skate. Furthermore, by keeping the term Alt Right ambiguous they can apply it to a greater cross section of the enemy camp. That includes anyone who is decidedly anti-Hillary.


Initially I gave little credence to Alt Right rhetoric, doubtful that it had any real meaning or potential impact.  Subsequently, however, and while Alt Right is far too leftist a truth/reality-bending description of a right-wing phenomenon, I began to see myself and most of you as the very folks Alinskyites like Crooked Hillary are trying to demonize.


Certainly, anyone supporting Donald Trump who is not doing so purely because he or she is a staunch Republican and sticks with the GOP's candidates out of partisan loyalty can be excluded from the Alt Right movement.  Likewise, anyone whose singular reason for voting for Trump is total disgust with Hillary Clinton is also out.  Any Democrat crossing party lines for the first time in support of Trump can also be excluded.


That leaves the rest of us for the Clintonistas and mainstream media shills to marginalize.


Invoking the most noteworthy Foxworthy comedy premise...


You might be Alt Right


  • If you have ever been a Tea Party activist/ might be Alt Right.
  • If you are not a registered Republican but have never voted for a Democrat presidential might be Alt Right.
  • If you are a might be Alt Right.
  • If you are a Second Amendment might be Alt Right.
  • If you practice might be Alt Right.
  • If you are patriotic and shun might be Alt Right.
  • If you are anti-big might be Alt Right.
  • If you are certain that the USA is headed in the wrong direction and things are far worse now than ever before in your might be Alt Right.
  • If you long for America to be great might be Alt Right.

One thing is for sure, Clintonistas wish they could press Ctrl+Alt+Del to scrub us from their screens like Hillary made her e-mails disappear.  But that didn't really work so well for them either.

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Gee eddo, I have a new name. Thank you for enlightening me. Here I just thought I was a die hard patriot. Clinton and her minions can call me anything they choose, as long as that woman does not become President. My name for those who are blindly following the Clintons, mindless zombies. Too far gone for salvation. Their eyes are glazed, they have calluses on their palms from having their hand out or stuck in someone else's pocket. Trump!!!


Tdaigle -

Austin, TX

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