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Hillary’s presidential chances threatened by her own blundering.

Hillary's old orange pants suit.

by Michael Goodwin

New York Post  2/28/15

A popular theme on Planet Clinton is that poor Hillary is always in mortal danger of being undone by her charming cad of a hubby. “She can’t control him” is how insiders express their fear that Bubba will have a bimbo eruption and crash the coronation.

On a long list of possibilities, that scenario must be included. But my reading of the Clinton Chronicles points to a much bigger threat to the restoration of the family monarchy.

That would be the stumbling performance of the lady herself.

On top of the tactical blunders, there was an overarching reason why sure victory eluded Hillary Clinton in 2008. She simply was not a very appealing candidate, offering neither charisma nor a compelling message. She ran with a sense of entitlement that the Oval Office was owed to her.

If anything has changed, it’s a well-kept secret. Already, her run this time is marked by mistakes, gaffes and reports of ethical corner-cutting, which adds up to watching the same bad movie twice.

It’s a strange way to make a fresh start given the dreary end of her time as secretary of state. To describe her four-year tenure as empty of accomplishment doesn’t do justice to the damage. She was complicit in the foreign-policy disasters now erupting around the world.

Remember her clever Russian reset? Benghazi, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, China — the list of things that got worse on her watch is long, while it is a challenge to name one significant advance in America’s favor.

That record is who she is. Once viewed as a smart, passionate woman whose brilliance would shine when she was liberated, she is, at 67, getting long in the tooth to be talked of in terms of potential.

To justify faith in a big upside from here, there should be abundant evidence of recent excellence. But what has she accomplished other than winning two elections as senator and losing one for president?

There’s no breakthrough doctrine or novel idea or even a successful policy or law identified with her. After 25 years in the circus, she’s still a celebrity guest, not a star performer.


Her new campaign is more of the same. Instead of offering coherent principles and establishing a message, she’s running the Rose Garden strategy of a favored incumbent.

Let the other candidates scrape for attention by responding to the world’s woes. She’s still giving paid speeches, believing she can float above it all like a giant balloon in the Thanksgiving Day parade.

In another sign that she sees herself as president-in-waiting, she’s got a reported 200 advisers, suggesting she’s already staffing an administration.

I wouldn’t bet the house she’ll get the chance. Sure, she’s a lock for the nomination — unless another Barack Obama comes along. Far-lefty firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she’s not running, but any more head-shaking revelations about the Clinton Foundation’s sleazy fund-raising could change her mind.

The foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments while Hillary was America’s top diplomat, The Washington Post found. It said that at least one gift, $500,000 from Algeria, violated loose ethics rules drawn up by the Obama administration to separate her duties from the foundation.

The Wall Street Journal also found a suspicious pattern of corporate giving. General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and Boeing were among 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her tenure and donated a combined $26 million to the family foundation, the paper reports.

It found several cases where her lobbying of foreign governments on behalf of specific American firms came just before or after those firms made hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation or another nonprofit she created, Vital Voices. Walmart gave to both groups, and to a separate fund Clinton established at the State Department.

Any claim that there was no quid pro quo should be made under oath. Most of the corporations have their own foundations, so why would they give their money to the Clintons to spend? Who suggested they do so?

Because a black hole doesn’t yield much information, Clinton beat reporters often turn spin into news. A New York Times story went big with the “news” that Clinton would “spotlight gender” this time.

Wow, stop the presses. The Times must have missed that 2008 movement to “shatter the glass ceiling” and the talk of the “pantsuit posse.”

In fact, gender pitch redux shows Clinton once again waving group identity as her chief qualification. In that case, she should go all the way and just say this: I want to be president because I deserve it.

That at least has the virtue of honesty.

Hillary deserves a new orange pants suit.

Hillary deserves a new orange pants suit.





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Reading yesterday's Michael Goodwin piece (see sidebar) in the New York Post reminded me of a rant first published here over a year ago on 1/19/14. As usual I'm quite happy to be one of the leaders in anti-liberal campaigns, but I'm even happier to see good writers and conservative candidates give the First Lady of Pants Suits (FLOPS) a well-deserved bashing.

Hillary's SOS career from A to Z:

“We tried to get reset right in Russian."

The "reset" button actually said "overcharged" in Russian.

“You got it wrong! It says overcharged."


"What difference at this point did I make?" - Hillary

"What difference at this point

does it make?!"

Considering Democrats' one-trick pony campaign strategy of personal attack and the liberal media's eager advancement of such low-information mudslinging talking points, it is doubly aggravating when billion-hit outlets like Yahoo! post headlines such as: Republican goal: ‘Tarnish’ the brand of Democratic presidential hopefuls early. This passive-aggressive tactic, of course, is designed to make it seem as if there is no substance in Hillary-bashing; as if the Clinton brand hasn't been 'tarnished' for decades.


Compared to DNC narratives like the embellished tale about Mitt Romney placing his dog's travel crate on the roof rack of the family's vacation-bound SUV or Harry Reid's far more sinister, slanderous oft-repeated extemporaneous accusation that Romney is an income tax evader, the mere pointing out by conservatives of the documented ineffectiveness, uncooperative non-transparency, elaborate fabrication and dangerously deadly results of Clinton's incompetent tenure as Secretary of State actually epitomizes campaign fairness -- particularly when a candidate like Hillary Clinton will run on her record, as it were.


Additionally, as I have always stressed here, the entirety of Hillary Clinton's thick resumé claim is as dubious as it is devoid of actual accomplishments. Ask any New Yorker, even a Democrat, to  name something notable (like it or not) that was a direct result of Hillary's  election and re-election as our junior senator...


READY for Retirement?

Once an American pop culture hero whose one-word moniker (no pun intended) was immediately recognizable in villages across the demographic spectrum (perhaps moreso than such luminaries as Bono, Sade, Fabian, Gallagher, Diddy, Jewel and Meatloaf) the First Lady of Pants Suits (FLOPS) was jobbed out of her inevitable election as the first woman president by lefty super delegates who swapped her birthright like a bowl of stew for an unaccomplished man of color with an even catchier name.

Putting Hillary's cartoonized mugshot on campaign tchochkes may be a way to avoid the unflattering photographic reality of her soon-to-be-septuagenarian features but Democrat strategists better have another gimmick READY to make people believe that their standard bearer has actually ever accomplished anything (save screw-ups and cover-ups) as US Senator and Secretary of State.

Like Obama, Hillary is anything but READY!

No need to Photoshop

a cutesy cartoon.



...but be careful not to hold your breath while you wait for a response.  It might take even  longer than getting the Clinton State Department's answers to questions about Benghazi.


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Hillary has done NOTHING for the betterment of anything, except her own pocketbook, that is. She is a LIAR and should have been disbarred eons ago.



Nashua, NH

Solid failures on many levels for Hillary who has left a path of destruction and wreckage since her arrival on the political scene...too numerous to even count...controversy during Watergate, Rose Law firm, Whitewater, Stocks, Travelgate, 250 Congressional "I don't recall/remembers", Vince foster, Filegate, Politicizing the surge, Benghazi, etc, etc, ad infinitum...



Nashua, NH

Being the 'FIRST' was not/is not a qualification for being the PotUS. It's a gimmick... NOTHING more. - - - Being 'first' ONLY counts in contests of achievement. And having slightly different genes is NOT an achievement.


Waverly Watchdog

Belmont, MA

Excellent article and I commend You!! 


Please continue to expose Mrs. Clinton, as SHE is front & center on this next Election!!  I will NEVER forget Benghazi!!


Cedar Falls, IA

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