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GOP Superheroes of Ingratitude

GOP Superheroes of Ingratitude

Unlike billionaire Donald Trump who never broached the subject of being anything but self-funded in his bid for the presidency until he became the presumptive GOP nominee, wealthy Mitt Romney begged for campaign contributions early and often throughout the 2012 primary season and during the run-up to the general election.  In order to raise the $1billion he ultimately had in his war chest Romney was obviously beholden to the largesse of a great many Republicans, including Trump to a greater extent than most.

While it can certainly be said that Trump has divided Republicans, do you recall conservatives like us being anything but enraged over the prospect of having to hold our noses and vote for back-to-back RINO's while Obama was promising to take the nation further and further left until the USA ultimately became "fundamentally transformed?"

Watching McCain and Romney take the so-called high road instead of bringing as much pain as possible to Obama and his fellow Democrats gave us a prophetic vision of how other establishment Republicans would go on to disappoint the very conservatives who fought hard and contributed much to provide them with a Congressional majority. As a result of their fecklessness, dim-witted, agenda-driven common-senseless Obamunists have had their way, which has paved the way for the anti-establishmentarianism embodied by Donald Trump that is being embraced by millions.

Newt Gingrich on the ingratitude of establishment Republicans vis a vis Donald Trump,When those three were the nominees, they expected aThe Bushes won't support Donald Trump.ll of us to support them,” said former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of the current ingratitude being displayed by establishment Republicans. “They would have been deeply offended if we had said something like Paul Ryan said yesterday. And I think it’s a bit much for people who got to be President or got to be the nominee – because of the Republican Party – to now turn around and decide that they are smarter than millions and millions of Republican voters, and that they’re not going to be part of the team.”

Of course, Low-Energy Jeb, the then-presumed nominee, was unmercifully attacked and eventually forced out by Trump early in the debate season.  Not only was Jeb Bush himself brutalized but his dynastic family, especially brother George W, were also mocked and criticized. So if anyone in the GOP establishment has a reason not to support Trump it would certainly be the Bush family. 

However, Newt Gingrich's assessment is also compelling.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney, recognized as the chief architect of the Iraq War which Donald Trump has so often criticized, nonetheless agrees with Gingrich and has pledged to support Trump if he is the Republican nominee.

Interestingly, Cheney's critics have always put forth the notion that the VP's Haliburton and Big Oil connections were the motivation for his desire to conquer Iraq and take its oil -- which is a plan that Trump probably would have agreed with based on his analyses during the debates.  In reality, however, not a single barrel of Iraqi crude (now under ISIS control as a result of Obama's cowardice and inept withdrawal from that Bush-Cheney stabilized nation) has ever been confiscated.

Here's the way Donald Trump himself explains Romney's ingratitude . . .

“Well, here’s the story. I helped Mitt a lot. I raised a lot of money for him. I ruined the carpet in my apartment, we had so many people come. We had two fund-raisers because there were so many people for his wife, who is a fantastic woman, by the way. I had these fund-raisers in my Donald Trump ciyes Mitt Romney's non-supportive ingratitude.apartment. They called me for help. I did robocalls. speeches, everything, during the primary season, during the election season. They should have used me in Florida. He would have won Florida, but they had this campaign manager, Stuart whatever, who didn’t like Donald Trump. He thought Donald Trump was too tough and too controversial and don’t use him. So they didn’t use me. That was okay. When it came down to the convention, I wasn’t a part of the convention. That was okay. What happened is I was rough on Mitt because I didn’t think they treated me properly. I helped him, really helped him, gave him a lot of money, helped him with robocalls, every single robocall I made, he won that state. Every single speech I made, he won the state in terms of the primaries. When it came time for the general election, I waited for the call. I didn’t care. If they don’t want to call me, that’s okay. If I would have been asked to help him in Florida -- you saw what I did in Florida -- I would have helped him. I believe I won him or helped him win five states. A lot of people are ungrateful, but he was ungrateful. They did not respond accordingly . . . and that’s OK." (quote from

Do you think it's OK?  If so, you must not be fed up with the Republican establishment ignoring you, the people who have enabled and elected them . . . 


 . . . yet.


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