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Lone Wolf

Obama acts as a lone wolf to advance his anti-American agenda.

Not to make light of the threat of lone wolf bogeymen waiting to seize moments of opportunity for cowardly terror attacks, but we've had a lone wolf in the White House for over seven years who continues to attack every soft target in sight. Sadly, he has gotten away with these lone wolf attacks on the US Constitution thus far and has promised to ratchet-up his terrorism until he is finally forced to vacate the premises on 1/20/17.


Obama's unilateral terrorism-by-agenda does not merely prey on his "enemy", those of us who oppose him politically. Polling numbers prove that there is, to say the least, bi-partisan non-support for his selfishly detrimental, anti-American agenda. Major polls and two massive, unprecedented mid-term Congressional "shellackings" tell the story of America's dissatisfaction with Obama's agenda and those who support and enable him.

  • Obamacare - A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 59% of likely U.S. voters consider reducing the cost of health care more important than making sure everyone has health insurance, which is the goal of Obamacare. Thirty-seven percent (37%) think universal health insurance is more important..."

  • Gun Rights - "...A clear majority of the U.S. public -- 73% -- believes the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns. And almost 7 out of 10 Americans are opposed to a law that would make the possession of a handgun illegal, except by the police." - Gallup Poll

  • Terrorism - Only 18% of Americans believe the US is winning the War on Terror. "Majority dissatisfaction with the war on terrorism crosses party lines, with even a majority of Democrats, 59%, expressing unease with the case prosecuted by the Obama White House. Seventy-nine percent of independents and 86% of Republicans also say they are dissatisfied with how it has fared." - CNN/ORC Poll

  • Immigration - A YouGov poll recently indicated that 92 percent of Americans believe illegal immigration is a problem, with 75 percent deeming it of a serious magnitude.

  • Keystone Pipeline - "The 1,179-mile Canada-to-Texas pipeline is backed by 57% of the 1,011 Americans surveyed on Dec. 18-21..." - CNN/ORC Poll

  • Climate Change - A YouGov poll of 18,000 people in 17 countries conducted last week found only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern. 90+% have more important things to worry about than what Barack Hussein Obama has referred to as his biggest concern.

  • Statistics about the aforementioned "shellackings" are truly mind-boggling. "Under Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats. That's some legacy," as Rory Cooper tweeted after the 2015 elections. And yet, the lone wolf is still using his pen and his phone.


These bullet points merely represent the visible tip of the iceberg.  There are hundreds of invisible orders, regulations and policies that Obama has signed onto that would be equally as opposed by the majority of Americans had they been publicized by the mainstream media.


Given a cogent, coherent and comprehensive account of the seriousness of Obama's lone wolf abuses, it is impossible to imagine that Americans would vote for anyone -- from a presidential candidate on down -- who wishes to continue them.  Nonetheless, it is of the utmost importance that a Republican (or any so-called third party candidate) have the ability to not only convey such a message but to nail it to his opponent above all other campaign rhetoric.


3 Geriatric Stooges - Bernie, Hillary and JoeCertainly, you and I could easily follow that strategy but there are precious few candidates capable of doing our bidding intelligently and with finesse -- known these days as electability. Never lose sight of the fact that one of the Democrat's Three Geriatric Stooges (Hillary, Bernie or Joe) must be defeated, first and foremost, if the harm that Obama has done to our nation is ever to be reversed, let alone curtailed.


Don't be a lone wolf.  Get behind an electable presidential candidate and start helping him win.  The alternative is more of the same and the death of our nation in the foreseeable future.


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eddo, this is probably the most important blog you have written to date. The fabric of this nation is tearing and the fix is now or never. Either of the Democrats running would be the final separation in that fabric and the complete downfall of this once great nation. I get physically ill when I hear anyone support a Democrat for the net four years. My vote is not decided yet, I still have some questions, but I do know that we have some great choices and we have to make the right one.



Austin, TX

I took a different approach to your op-ed than ‘Tdaigle’ did - not to imply that the comment is not 100% spot-on, but in order to comment I had to write something different.


It never ceases to amaze me that the masses do not want to hear the truth about things that are happening in their world. Politicians know this and they inherently lie at all costs in order to win an election – pity the poor politician(s) that actually tells the truth about situations that affect us all.


In a perfect world politicians would not lie, but voters elect politicians who lie over the ones that do not. When it happens, they should not be surprised that their choice is found to be a pathological liar. Essentially, lying is an innate part of the election process and of course the media propagates this because they know the masses are too busy hoping that things will get better.


It bothers me immensely that the majority of polled folks in my area want Bernie Sanders – they have no idea that he actually believes his own lies...



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