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 Put a sock in it! (originally published 3/22/11)  click here to subscribe to the eddobloggo RSS feed

Shari Lewis and Lambchop(Revealed in this story):

A US military spy operation is developing "sock puppet" software that will enable it to secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

Shari Lewis and Lambchop

"The [U.S. Central Command] Centcom contract stipulates that each fake online persona must have a convincing background, history and supporting details, and that up to 50 US-based controllers should be able to operate false identities from their workstations without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries.'"

Since early 2009 (eerily coincidental with the onset of the Obama administration), regular eddobloggo® visitors may have noticed my occasional acknowledgement that this tiny corner of cyberspace is being regularly visited by US military intelligence organizations and other government agencies.


A list of IP-identified visitors (my assumption, certainly, is that there are other covert hits) includes multiple Army and Navy intelligence units, the DOJ, White House, US Senate and Department of Homeland Security.  My accurate third-party stats indicate that while some are direct, un-referred hits most of these visitors arrive via links from other websites -- not surprisingly, the very locations that many of you regularly use to post your own commentaries, comments and links. 

Ft. Huachuca, AZ - Headquarters, US Army Intelligence Center








Ft. Huachuca

HQ US Army Intelligence Center

If it makes you feel good about your writing skills, go ahead and assume that those intelligent folks in Washington, DC, Fort Huachuca, AZ and at other far-flung installations around the world are reading your rants for their own personal entertainment.  But if you wonder what the real reason is for these operatives to be checking out your blog posts on company time then, perhaps, the above-referenced Guardian piece will shed some new light on the subject.


Don't be surprised if, at some point, you receive an e-mail from a friend complimenting you for your cogent, coherent, comprehensive, convincing pro-American thread replies to abdullah47 at the Islamist Recruiting Blogspot or to skinhead_klaus at or to natashamolotov over at the Oh So Soviet Forum.

Now, if the US Army Intelligence Center has been able, over a two-year period, to acquire "convincing background, history and supporting details" of your unique blogging identity then it is probably safe to assume that a "sophisticated adversary" might require even a shorter period of time to know some, if not all, of the intimate details about the person behind your persona. 

What we have here, therefore, appears to be a lose/lose/lose situation.

  • If the Word Police are on your case because they erroneously believe (or have been ordered to believe) that monitoring you is what it will take to keep America safe, perhaps sacrificing your right to anonymity, if not privacy, in the process -- you lose.

  • If military intelligence finds the persona that you created to be "influential" and they co-opt it without your express permission, even though you may become a ghost-hero in the process -- you lose.

  • If, while being impersonated and used as a sock puppet your security and personal well-being should somehow become compromised -- you lose.

That's the other side of the propaganda manipulation coin; the side of the coin with Lamb Chop's picture on it. In contrast with an overt, entertaining puppeteer like Shari Lewis, once the covert creator of a sock puppet is found out he/she becomes persona non grata in the blogosphere and his/her propaganda value is nullified and -- you lose.


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Ed, I've seen other references to this and similar programs, there is speculation that it's one reason Gannet is now encouraging all their members to sign in via their Facebook or other social media accounts...


Melbourne, FL

"...regular eddobloggo® visitors have probably noticed occasional comments regarding my knowledge that this tiny corner of cyberspace is regularly visited by US military intelligence organizations plus other government agencies...."

Hey, eddo, do you think the FBI read "Stuffing The Chimp?" Did I make....The List? (shhhhhh! Quiet! "They" might hear you!)
(Looks suspiciously around.....)

Okay, all BS-ing aside, I'm sending you......A Package. Tell the mailman, "The blue caterpillar weaves a golden thread," then wink with your left eye twice. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! If you wink once with your right eye, the mission is aborted, and if you scratch your nose......well....all hell with break loose. You remember the last time THAT happened?

I've got to quit typing. "He's" walking this way........    :>)



Lafayette, LA

[You're on the list for sure, RevBro.  I think it was the Sgt. at Arms of the Senate and the Secret Service that visited more than once while you were the Guest Ranter.  What happens if I ask the postal worker to pull my finger? -ED]

The Internet is very influential... Other media have been manipulating public opinions from their inception - the Internet is not any different. Indeed, the "sock puppets" on the web are really just the equivalent of the "trusted" anchors on TV.

I really don't have more of a problem with this than with the existence of Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, or Bill O'Reilley for that matter... So long as there will be any kind of media, there will always be "sock puppets" even though very few recognize that fact while they get their daily fix of "news" or brainwashing from their favorite sources...

Are you saying; however, that this program by the military would "barrow" our very own identities along with user names and try to control the people in our circle of influence? Hmmm.... That would not be cool without the person's consent - indeed it would amount to a form of identity theft!



Palm Springs, CA

[My reasons for calling this a lose/lose/lose situation are spelled out in the rant. I also believe that this is completely different from bad actors in the left-wing media. We know exactly who these media people are, who they represent and what they are willing to do and say in order to complete their missions. -ED]

Good, yet disturbing Blog eddo.



Lafayette, LA

I read about this last week.  I'm still trying to figure out what to think about it. There's some part of the story that's missing and I'm not sure what it is.  I'm sure this subject will stay alive for some time.



Montgomery, AL

[I think the missing piece is hidden in the software; a tracking device, for lack of a better term, is my guess. Of course, such a device would lead us to the bad guys -- which could be anybody the government deems a threat. -ED]

This might be an attempt to infiltrate anti-American elements web discussions, whether they are muslim radicals or the klan. This way they can clash with them in print and maybe get the bad person to give out more information in their conversation or argument. Of course this can be pretty easily anything the gov't does.



Austin, TX

One evening not long ago a couple of helicopters flew low and loudly in our neighborhood.  Sounded as if they were hovering above my home.  My oldest son looked at me and said, "Momma what the heck have you been blogging again?"  Maybe he was on to something there. 

Lafayette, LA

...Facebook notified me that my password had been compromised by a source in Riyadh.

[some have the propensity] for justifying anything that Socialist/Progressive/Communist Obama does. The fact that he started by asking citizens to spy on each other and turn in suspicious remarks to the White House could have been a very subtle clue as to the direction of this presidency.



Austin, TX

As an old "Port" Huachuca lackey I would put you high on the list of "keep an eye on". LOL. It is your reason and intellect that attract attention.


The identifying and group separation of left/right military leaders began in the 70's following the Nixon putsch. I may have worked the naval mission, thus “Port”. Clinton worked the pansy military leadership very hard but the Obama admin quite possibly has reached new levels. The so called defenders of freedom may now be in many instances a political tool of the left. I know of the massive abilities of the NSA to gather information on citizens. The need for such information to protect us during this current terror era is understandable but when political hacks and sycophants are in the position of leadership it can be a little scary.


Then again Ed I agree, you may simply have some fans at Homeland Security however I do see how “Men in Black” has new meaning for you...Your friendly Spook, Oscar.



Wausau, WI

[I think you blew your own cover.  Casper must be one of your sock puppets. -ED]

Uh-oh. Must alert operatives, the conspiracy has been compromised. Agents, initiate "Operation Duct Tape". 



Montgomery, AL

Ed, given that the entire internet idea was originated by DoD, not so sure that any of this is surprising. Neither is this silly line, "Since early 2009 (eerily coincidental with the onset of the Obama administration),..."

Fact is that this sort of thing, in one form or another, has been going on for years under presidents from both parties. I agree that it is scary. But so long as our entire government process is merely a sock puppet for corporate America, where individual citizens really no longer matter, then we can expect little better.



Austin, TX

[I never said "scary" calamari -- left it to you to decide what, if anything it is and/or of what value it could be. Obviously, you believe it to be "scary".  In any case the visits did not begin until shortly after bh0 became prez and I've yet to see hits from any of your implied "corporate America" Shari I don't think the little chuckle line that's sticking in your craw is all that "silly". -ED]

Ed (if that is actually you and not a puppet) I will have to sink to a new low and push the recommend button...Of course, imitation is the highest form of flattery, and be careful what you say, as someone - might actually be listening - which for us old fuds is not all that bad. Good comments Ed, good comments...



Wausau, WI

Usually when "new" technology is announced publicly, it's already been in use for some time. It would explain the many establishment sock puppet-like people in chatrooms and various forums.



Palm Springs, CA

My ARMY-CID buddy told me along time ago about this approach and he still wants to know how I found out about Ft. Huachuca. I know exactly who to thank for that - along with the author of this rant - and after they took her site down they took mine down. She worked at Ft. Huachuca as a career soldier supervising the little 'keeds' that did all the snooping. I had to start all over and have no idea about her fate...



The Wild, Wild West

Aw, what's a cold war without a few spies, eh?
That's what this is--a cold war. And anybody who doesn't march lockstep with the Progressives is a target.

I figure I, or anyone else for that matter, can't be doing much good or saying much of anything of true import if they're not being monitored by the pansies of the New World Order.

Of course, once they start posting in my name or using my name to push their Leftist fantasies to new heights, that becomes identity theft and they're leaving their IP tracks to prove it. Just something for the limp *icks of the New World Order to think about. I mean, it might mean the end of their careers being so careless as to get yanked into court over an IP because that would mean publicity, and possible outing of the whole scheme, just like Fast and Furious.

You have to admit Fast and Furious was rather clever--first you "walk" the guns across the border into the hands of our enemies, then you get on your righteous soap box to scream, "Look how many guns are going over the border from gun shops in the US!" Then you attempt to assassinate a US Congressman or woman by shooting up a simple Friday get together at a grocery store so that you can herd the sheep you think are mindless simpletons into believing that gun control is the solution to the problem you created. Man, does it get any better than that?

Now, just like Fast and Furious got cut off at the knees, so will these "sock puppets" if they start stealing people's identities, especially when you consider how inept these folk are that you can actually get their IP address, thus linking them to the crime.

Are all Leftists this inept? Or just those that work for the King?

Damn Tories. Thought we sent you packing back to Europe in 1776. And we can, and will, do it again.

Sun River Valley, MONTANA

(just wanted to make sure those pansy spies didn't miss the location!)

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