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6/11/16 Trickle-down GOP defeatisits.
6/5/16 "If you like your mortician..."
5/22/16 Trumping Liberal Propaganda
5/11/16 GOP Superheroes of Ingratitude
5/5/16 Never-Trump Fairy Tale
4/27/16 Racketeering
4/23/16 Robitussin in Crooked Hillary's ot Sauce Bottle?
4/17/16 A-gender driven.
4/12/16 Spoiler Alert!
4/7/16 Race Card Poker
3/25/16 Optic-al Delusion
3/21 16 Feel Angry
3/17/16 Favorite Son Moment
3/9/16 Left-handed Fingerprints on Voter Fraud
3/4/16 Seeing Red
2/25/16 Rudy Could Seal the Deal
2/16/16 Just one ______ away!
2/12/16 Undecided Instead of Undivided
2/5/16 Lone Wolf
1/29/16 "Tawk amongst yourselves..."
1/22/16 NY Values not MY Values
1/15/16 Cop a plea Hill-a-ree.
1/6/16 Background Check Gut Check
1/3/16 Avenging Rick Lazio
12/29/15 Don't confuse us with those other extremists.
12/23/15 "The best recruiter for ISIS."
12/18/15 Final Jeopardy
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10 questions liberals can't answer.

Awkward Silence

1. What phrase do "right-wing extremist" mass murderers shout as they shoot their victims?

2. Which is a more efficient weapon for a terrorist to use if he/she wishes to quickly maximize injuries and body count -- an assault rifle or a couple of pressure cooker bombs?

3. If Islam is the "religion of peace" why are Muslim nations so un-peaceful?

4. Why are Muslims -- defenders of Islam and its Sharia Law -- leaving their homelands en masse to seek asylum in secular nations?

5. What will become of Muslim refugees in America when Iran fulfills its promise to nuke us off the map?

Occupied6. How many different kinds of portable toilets should be made available at an outdoor LGBT Pride event? 

...and do they still need to be equipped with those latches that display the OCCUPIED message?

7. Which organization has more contributors -- Planned Parenthood or the NRA?  Which is fighting for a right that is actually spelled-out in the US Constitution?  Which is responsible for more deaths?

8. What percentage of the murder weapons used in drive-by shootings are acquired legally?

9. What impact would a dirty bomb have on climate change?

10. Why are frequent unnecessary air travelers -- those who contribute far more than the rest of us to global warming -- not placed on a No-fly List?

Put the Obamas on the No-fly list!

I'll be looking for additional liberal-stumping questions in your comments.  -eddo




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