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Anger Management

We all know that Obama tried as hard as he could to make people angry -- with each other -- and his strategy succeeded. But it was never his goal to make people angry with him, so ultimately he failed miserably in that self-protective effort.

-Jan Brewer goes off on Obama.-

Right from the beginning the establishment right and its populist offshoot, the Tea Party Movement, vented their anger over the socialist-progressive policies, failure and anti-Americanism of the Obama administration. That anger eventually led to unprecedented losses of power in Congress and in most state governments.  Unfortunately, it took the better part of two Obama terms plus Republicans not living up to their core campaign promises for a deeper, more universal anger to foment. Fortunately, folks got angry just in time for a new presidential election cycle.


No one has ever come onto the political scene angrier, more willing to take action on his anger and more self-enabled to do so than Donald J. Trump. Tired of venting anger into the wind, angry patriots chose to allow Trump to be their surrogate and leader -- a voice heard everywhere at nearly every hour of every day as a result of Trump's unconventional, low-budget media/social media domination strategy.


It was Inauguration Day just moments after the swearing-in and a caller asked Rush Limbaugh for a one-word description of Trump's anti-establishment address.  Unhesitatingly, I blurted out "angry" at our BOSE Wave Radio.  Rush gave himself a two-minute commercial break before coming back with "uncompromising"


I'm sticking with "angry" because anger is an emotion, not a trait or policy.  Besides, civilized angry people make, or are forced to make, compromises all the time.  Some of those compromises actually serve to perpetuate their anger.  Unlike Obama, it is clear that Trump desires to keep everyone angry at this juncture so that the right and the left can have at least one emotion in common.  Allow me to explain. 


Keeping his supporters continuously angry over the injustice and ineptitude that was the main reason for electing him insures that Trump's base will be more grateful and enthusiastic with each new fulfilled promise.  Keeping his avowed enemies angry and emotional makes them look petty, stupid, desperate, anti-American and hyper-partisan.  Besides, it's not like the left isn't going to harbor anger and animosity over whatever Trump says or achieves.


To the chagrin of the opposition party and the delight of the rest of us, no one can say that the new president isn't working harder and getting more accomplished more quickly than any of his predecessors. Establishment types from both sides keep asking why Trump is directing his surrogates to spend time defending the notion that there were millions of voting irregularities on Election Day 2016, enabling Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote.  "Where?" "Who?" "How do you know?" they ask. Press Secretary Sean Spicer just sticks to Trump's narrative: "Democrat-supported illegal aliens were to blame."


No president has ever worked harder than Trump.Like I said, everyone now knows just how hard-working and accomplishment-oriented Trump is.  What they haven't yet realized is that the groundwork for conceptual arguments necessary to create future accomplishments and fulfilled promises are being advanced even as the angry media and pundit class go as low as they can, psycho-babbling that Trump's egotism and character flaws are all that is behind these unnecessary defenses and the expenditure of his political capital.


Not only has Trump succeeded in making them doubly angry -- angry that he is looking good in the leadership and accomplishment departments in which Obama never moved the needle off of empty and angrier still that he is blaming Obama and the Democrats for "fixing" the election.  Shrewd Trump has established credible talking points for his immigration and states' rights pushes which he has already begun as I write.


Here's how a future message from the president might sound:

By conservative estimates there are over 11 million illegal aliens in the USA. As we get ready to build the wall, better defend our border and reform immigration policy to preserve jobs and make America safe again, it should come as no surprise that a large number of illegals voted in the last election. They were offered payment to do so by certain Democrat donors and, as you know, they were even openly encouraged to go to the polls by former President Obama.


De-funding states that allow sanctuary cities and enabling states to create and enforce Voter ID laws are among the ways to fix the problems that we face.

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Progs went ballistic over this photo [see Gov. Brewer and Obama photo above] as being disrespectful to the president. All I hear are crickets when it comes to much worse against the current president.


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