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Billion Dollar Legacy?

Today's rant, penned last year, might look familiar.  However, now that my prediction has become reality and a big news story to boot -- Obama has been booked for a record-breaking $400,000 speaking fee for a one-hour lecture by one of his oft-criticized Wall Street enemies (Cantor Fitzgerald) -- this redux is more relevant than ever...

Did the Obamas abuse Air Force One travel?What's a billion dollars to Barack Hussein Obama?

Chump change.

Whether he actually realized it and/or even cared while he was president, his bloated government spent nearly 11 billion of our dollars each and every day. That's over a billion bucks before Barry had his first latte and cigarette each and every morning. The Obama's personal travel, vacation, greens fees and Air Force One operation exceed $1 billion by the time Barack finally "retired" from political life.

Which brings us to today's first question: What can Obama do now that his presence in the White House is no longer an ever-increasing burden on the USA?

The survey's most popular answer is "nothing". Unfortunately, however, most of the respondents are low-info types who have never paid any attention to Obama's speech-making prowess. Therefore, answering purely from their guts, they could only surmise that since he never accomplished anything before or during his presidency, the same would hold true until he is ultimately entombed in the Obama Monument.

A guy who can read a teleprompter more perfectly than the news anchors in 19 of America's biggest TV markets.In reality, if unattractive cornball crooks like the Clintons were able to amass a $277 million fortune on the lecture circuit starting from"dead broke" it stands to reason that a seasoned professional lecturer like Obama, a guy who can read a teleprompter more perfectly than the news anchors in 19 of America's biggest TV markets -- a guy who has made progressive people of all genders swoon during his lectures and who keeps both paralegals and paramedics on call wherever he goes to deal with the results of his charisma -- should easily be able to gross a billion while both he and the planet are still cool enough to support human life.

Should the First Lady of Manly Biceps develop a stand-up routine that incorporates her fashion and cosmetological allure while ditching the shrill tademark diet-change advocacy rhetoric, that billion dollars could be raised much sooner.

So why are we having this conversation today? Because it has been announced that Obama's Legacy Library, slated to be built on Chicago's South Side not far from what your faux-Chicagoan community-organizing ex-Dear Leader calls Ko-MIN-sky Park, will have a billion dollar price tag.

"Why so much for so little legacy?" you ask. Well, aside from this location's pricey union workers and payoffs to corrupt city officials, let's face it -- reconstructing a Kenyan village, Indonesian and Polynesian landscapes and decor that incorporates Greek columns in an inner-city building will definitely not come cheap!

Let your conscience be your guide if you are solicited to contribute to the Obama Library Fund, but there are other charities -- tax-deductible ones at that -- which are far more transparent than any former Democrat president's benevolent foundation. I personally believe that you'd get more bang for your buck if you contributed to North African or Haitian relief funds where the honchos sell our donated goods at Storage Wars auctions.

Last question: What are the odds that the Obama Legacy Library will be completed entirely on donations with no taxpayer dollars?

Answer: A billion to one.

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