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A New Constitution? (re-edited)

Constitutionalists and Second Amendment advocates are certainly not trying to be redundant or repetitive in the all-out defense of our rights versus the progressive forces of anti-American evil. However, at the very instant that any opportunity arises to bash traditionalists as dangerous, selfish, bloodthirsty, bigoted or all of the above, leftists and their media henchmen go right for the jugular, forcing us time and time again to respond to their well-rehearsed knee jerk-reactive-appearing talking points.

The Second Amendment is your gun permit.

It doesn't matter one bit to leftists that most mass shooting murders have been committed in gun-free zones and in undefended soft target buildings like churches and schools. It doesn't matter to progressives that the murder weapons are usually acquired in spite of strict gun control laws and screening procedures already in place in those venues.

Leftists are loath to include the multiple gun murders committed daily in their own Democrat-controlled cities -- municipalities that have already imposed the strictest anti-gun laws and zero tolerances in the nation. The gun-play of inner city thugs is excluded from the gun control conversation because disadvantaged gangbangers are a key component of the left's victim culture.

Another element hypocritically ignored by progressive leftists in the gun control argument is illegal immigration. Illegal aliens are placed in a sacred category in which only xenophobic bigots could possibly be opposed to any of their lawlessness. Illegal aliens are also seen as victims by the left, in dire need of government protection.

Just as it is with the inner city gunslingers, temporary resident jihadist murderers are also categorized by Obamunists as oppressed victims of economic hardship and climate change  who should be endowed with the same Constitutional rights as American citizens for their victimhood.

Meanwhile, lefties hypocritically seek elimination of the very Constitution on which they stand to protect these enemies of society.  Progressives tell us, every chance they get, that "the Constitution is an obsolete document defended by conservatives exclusively because its Second Amendment can be construed to guarantee the right to bear arms."

And if all of that isn't hypocritical and revisionist enough, progressives defend abortion and same-sex marriage as Constitutional Rights even though there is not one single word about either in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Tragically, we are beyond the point of simply defending the Constitution and the clearly defined rights that we receive from it. Why?  Because the most dangerous anti-American who ever lived -- a guy with a pen, a phone and complete disregard and loathing for any rights that don't jibe with his utopian socialist totalitarian fantasies -- did everything he could to usurp our Second Amendment rights and others, by dictatorial fiat and demagogic indoctrination.

Not surprisingly, as much as leftists don't want you to be able to defend your family and personal property, they also do not want the United States of America to defend freedom and territory from tyrants and rogue nations that work tirelessly to put the USA and its allies in harm's way.

What we don't need is a new Constitution...

Signers of the Declaration of Independence.

...what we need is a new Declaration of Independence!


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God Bless America and patriots like you my friend!

Austin, TX
[Happy Birthday and Happy Independence Day to the memory of your father and the Founding Fathers. -ED]

We have 2 areas of agreement, m'boy, abortion and gun control.Although we could argue the reasons for the lib/con divide between the two issues, let's just pass on that for today. Happy 4th of July to eddobloggo and his Minion Horde!!!!
BTW, I'm gonna wear that T-shirt, do 95 MPH on I-10, and when I get pulled over, reach for my cellphone....
See you on Fox news!
Matlock 61
Lafayette, LA
[I horde it through the grapevine.  Happy Independence Day to y'all! -ED]

What liberal Democrats won't tell you is that after they "amend" the second amendment, they will go after the fifth, the fourth, and the first... just to start.


Jason Porter


That darn Constitution just keeps getting in the way. If you don't know this, FDR wanted to double the size of the Supreme Court and fill it with Progressives so he could get the Constitution interpreted any way he wanted.


Lee Enokian


Well, to be fair, the Constitution prevents SJW's from freely assuming power and assuming powers once they get there. It is a major hindrance to progressive policies.


Glenn Crawford


[That's my point -- that progressives want to do away with the Constitution ASAP so their agenda can be unhindered.  I'd rather not "be fair" to them. -ED]



Gregoria Lockwood


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