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Deniers of Reality

You'll be ostracized, demonized, threatened with imprisonment and encouraged to commit suicide if you merely express skepticism about global warming a/k/a climate change let alone flat-out deny its existence.  As discussed here for a decade, Al Gore's Sasquatch-like carbon footprint places him in the top 1% of energy over-consumers and hot air polluters. Nonetheless, he has the chutzpah to refer to those of us who pump that extra air pressure into our tires and turn off lights and devices whenever possible as "dee-nahrs'".


Th e First Lady of Pants SuitsIf you've been paying attention to current events you're well aware that there are far more egregious deniers than you and I or perhaps even old Inconvenient Al.  At the top of that list, having taken the liberal art form of victimhood to a sickening new level, is the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate. Hillary was the loser in spite of out-raising and outspending her opponent by a three-to-one margin.  Not only that, but she also had the entire mainstream media and every other category of elitist slobberers tucked away in the pocket of her pants suit. 


Now the Secretary of Skate is wagering on a victimhood trifecta that leads with a filly called Misogyny.  The place horse is the odds-on favorite, Russian Hack. In the show position she's going with a big old gelding, Investigator, who is known to suffer occasional bouts with lameness.  It is extremely doubtful that history might repeat itself, but it should  be noted that this pony trio actually finished in Hillary's predicted order at Pimlico on October 27, 2016. They were all scratched from a potential repeat performance 12 days later.


No one ever accused Colbert of being funny.Especially after the shocking dismissal of the fairer/more balanced undisputed cable ratings king for mere allegations of sexual impropriety the moment sponsors began bailing, the pictured progressive whom no one has ever accused of being fair, balanced or hilarious remains unapologetic for his vulgar comments about President Trump.  In fact, even after the tape of his FCC-unfriendly diatribe has been viewed by millions, Colbert doubled-down proclaiming that he'd be inclined to do it again.


It may be a long-shot, given the media's like-minded sense of "humor" and their refusal to make anything of the new Democrat party chairman's penchant for profanity-laced anti-Trump oratory...but if ad revenue tanks and viewer pressure mounts the network honchos will go Trump on Stephen Colbert.  That is, they will say YOU'RE FIRED and perhaps add an expletive before, after and/or in the middle.


Then there's the governor of Ohio who has unswervingly maintained his denier status John Kasich is out of touch with reality.since March 16, 2016. That was the day that John Kasich won the Ohio presidential primary by a not-so-wide margin over Donald Trump giving him enough convention delegates to join the contenders on the main platform for the rest of the debates, leaving the likes of Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Carly Fiorina and George Pataki to duke it out at the so-called "kids' table".


Despite every wannabe candidate's public pledge to support the GOP's ultimate nominee, Kasich continues to this day to say and do whatever he can to promote anti-Trumpism. He claims that he voted for someone else on Election Day, likely writing-in his own name.  Nonetheless, Trump won the Buckeye State by a surprisingly wide margin, proving that Kasich's primary win was a purely parochial favorite-son token gesture.


Kasich has now parlayed his unrealistic, failed presidential bid into a just-published book in which he puts forth the notion that Trump's election was the result of "America in spiritual decline." In reality, because Donald Trump has stood for religious freedom, is pro-life and pro-Israel, the president was supported by evangelical Christians and orthodox Jews whose turnout and votes put him over the top in many precincts across America.


The reality climate has certainly been changed by these deniers.


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Over the past few days I’ve moved to a location closer to my office. For the past week, I have been without cable. Instead of panicking about not knowing every minute what was going on in this crazy country, I realized that this week was refreshingly calming. My blood pressure is better, I am sleeping better and haven’t had the urge to punch anyone in days. The thought of listening to the lamebrain news and seeing Clinton on my television screen is enough to make me stay unconnected for good. We are rapidly running out of balanced news choices and i have found it easier to research the day’s stories on my own.

Climate change has been going on since the dawn of time. There are centuries of cold and centuries of heat and drought. Yes, I am very conscIous of littering, keeping our water clean and of wildlife preservation but I still drive my car everywhere and if I could afford it, my yacht would be cruising the world. Gore and the like are nothing but a bunch of present-day carpetbaggers filling their bags with the money of fools.  I miss Grey’s Anatomy, wonder if I can get news-free cable?
Austin, TX

And yet, he [Colbert] appears regularly on the fake news media as if his despicable rants are anything other than mindless verbal porn. and have any merit at all.

Timothy Buchanan

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