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Left-handed Fingerprints on Voter Fraud

Amid the left's media feeding frenzy over alleged Russian election meddling and the president's alleged involvement with it, Donald Trump just made the investigation of domestic voter fraud a priority of his administration.  Of course, it is far more likely that domestic voter fraud and other Democrat-supported irregularities have had a measurable impact on our election process for many years. We have discussed this issue here, even before Trump became the Republican presidential nominee, and it's time to do it again...

Mayor Bloomberg holding Big Gulp Cup

Bloomberg's oversized cup was half-empty on this one.  Fellow libs and the city's subsidized cried "RACIST!"

In August 2013, as we were discussing his totalitarianism, then-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed fingerprinting public housing residents to provide better security and crime-prevention.“What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in. And of course there’s an allegation that some of these apartments aren’t occupied by the people who originally have the lease,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said during his weekly radio spot on WOR-AM.“We’ve just gotta find some ways to keep bringing crime down there.”

As conservatives, our Constitution-based philosophical principles may, in an initial reaction to Bloomberg's proposal, cause us to agree with the subsidized, professional race-baiters and limo-lib faux social champions who instantly were up in arms over the "privacy-invasion" aspect of Bloomie's proposal.

But if you compare the proposed fingerprinting (or some alternative biometric method) to what the upwardly mobile population must already endure to be safe and secure you might come to a different conclusion -- especially if you realize and remember what ALWAYS motivates the left to argue for the all-out protection of privacy rights for minorities and the document challenged. * (Let’s save that topic for the end.)

Imagine that you can afford to live in one of New York's tony gated communities or in a luxury apartment building. You will be required to pop a card into a slot or to be ID'd by a doorman or gatekeeper every time you seek entry.  If you work for one of NYC's major corporations, hospitals, universities, a branch of government or the press you will be required to display your identification at all times in the form of a photo-ID card pinned to your clothing or worn on a lanyard around your neck.

As they say in NYC, "Forget about it!"  Forget about boarding a plane at one of New York's airports. Forget about all of those face-recognition devices on New York's streets and in public buildings. Forget about license plate scanners and EZ-Pass cameras at every toll booth and Lord knows where else. 

Now consider the various proofs of identity that are required for approval to lease an apartment in one of NYC's low-income housing projects. If you are currently on the city's welfare rolls and are being placed in subsidized housing by social workers, your privacy was invaded at the outset to qualify you to receive welfare checks and/or other government-subsidized benefits. 

Certainly, the decline of privacy in our big-government digital society is lamentable. But as conservative taxpayers would we really prefer that these processes be any less stringent or transparent?


Now consider that you are being asked to prove your identity before casting a ballot at your local polling place.  Does Voter ID make you feel any more threatened or discriminated-against than if the new teller at your bank asks to see your driver's license before she cashes your check? 


What if your state's DMV asks you to provide several points of ID before they will issue a title or license plate for your new car or motorcycle?  What if you look every bit your Baby Boomer or Gen-X age but the clerk at the convenience store is required by management to "card" you before allowing you to purchase a six-pack of beer or a pack of cigarettes?  What if you're stopped for a traffic infraction and the cop asks to see your driver's license?


If you are Black, Latino or a member of some other so-called minority (Conservative Christian, perhaps) do any of the everyday instances in which you may be required to prove your identity actually scare you or make you feel like a victim of discrimination or the denial of your civil rights?


Do any of these evryday ID checks restrict you from exercising your right to vote? Do you believe that it is necessary for every vote cast in every election to be genuine? Do you believe that is a breech of our civil rights when Voter Fraud occurs?


* Voter ID virtually eliminates Voter Fraud. However, the Democrat Party wants no part of eliminating the potential to rig elections by enabling unqualified people to vote.Therefore, the left needs to create and sustain vehement opposition to Voter ID by making it a racial issue and calling anyone who disagrees with them racist -- same as they do with nearly every other issue.


Until there is universal Voter ID, any instances of Voter Fraud will have liberals' fingerprints all over them.  In a free society the ID card must trump the race card on Election Day.


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The fake-news media habitually claims that there is no evidence to support President Trump's claim of voter fraud, and yet, the party of fraud, failure and hate attempts to block every effort to investigate the matter.


Timothy Buchanan


In yet another bizarre display of narcissism, king democrat went to Kenya and pushed for voter ID for their elections, but if you do it here in America its racism. One would think that integrity in both places would be valuable but apparently it's only when that integrity is in Demmcrats' favor...


Mary Jarreau

New Columbia, PA

It simply amazes me that [they] can say and do most anything they want without so much as a peep from the electorate OR from the do-nothing Congress.

Geez, I feel a barf coming on.

Great job Ed!

Montgomery, AL

As a white, employed, single woman I'm beginning to feel like the one suffering from racism and targeting.  I have no problem showing my ID.  The only people that have a problem are hiding something. 

Austin, TX

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