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Undecided Instead of Undivided

It was suggested here, as well as in a personal response to a questionnaire from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus during the Romney/Ryan fiasco post-mortem, that there had been too many debates which had given too many MSM moderators and pundits far too many opportunities to nitpick, trash and lay traps for their party's most-feared Republican hopefuls. 


Remember how early frontrunners Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain were were hatchet-jobbed out of the race just as they were catching fire, setting up yet another un-electable milquetoast RINO to eventually run against the unaccomplished media darling, Obama, whom the media were simultaneously shielding from scandals that would have clinched his deserved demise?


It was somewhat encouraging, therefore, to be informed by Priebus, at the beginning of this current election cycle, that an all new, media-savvy, less debate-oriented strategy was in the works. He touted the plan as being designed, first and foremost, to better protect candidates from the predatory media.  There would be both fewer debates and more control over debate moderators and their lines of questioning.

In fairness to Reince Priebus he has severed ties with NBC after they showed their true colors in an early debate via "gotcha" questioning.

Obviously, that is not quite how things are playing out -- although in fairness to Reince Priebus, he did sever ties with NBC after they showed their true colors with blatantly "gotcha" questioning in an early debate.


Not only have moderators and pundits taken advantage of the heavy debate schedule, but the networks are actually using these attack fests as prime time entertainment programming and promoting them as such.  With "reality TV" star Donald Trump in charge, the first debate broke ratings records which set the stage for hard-pressed broadcast and cable TV entities' like CNN to attempt to cash-in on the ratings bonanza as often as possible.


Surprisingly, considering our nation's vast low-info conspiracy and the predictability of the RNC debate format, strong ratings continue. 


Most disturbingly, nearly all of the GOP hopefuls have been eagerly and sickeningly complicit with the ever-smarmy moderators in their answers, especially to questions that set opponents up for embarrassment, if not destruction. On-stage interactions between candidates have also followed the talking heads' nasty lead.


"Gotcha questions" have, thus far, been the not so RNC candidate-protective order of the evening in every debate on each of the participating networks, including FoxNews, the media outlet Democrats love to demonize as a functionary of the GOP. 


As today's title indicates and despite the Republican field having a strong frontrunner, the first two primaries (as weirded-out as their states' process may be) prove that there are a significant number of undecideds who wait until, literally, the last minute to select the recipient of their primary votes.


The latest "gotcha moment" during the previous night's debate is one of the biggest contributing factors to primary undecided-ness.  The RNC itself is responsible for not promoting unity and, despite Reince Priebus' assurances to the contrary, the GOP appears to be stuck in the same old rut that could enable yet another presidential "gotcha moment" for the left.

Disclaimer:  I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the GOP. 

Being a registered member of the NY State Conservative Party I am ineligible to vote in the Republican primary.

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