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Low-info Voters for Obama

Having fooled most of the people most of the time for more than four years through deceitfulness and the collusive cooperation of equally agenda-driven major media, the worm has finally turned on Obamunists. The administration's propaganda arm isn't doing very well in the ratings either as low-information voters' gullibility decreases in direct proportion to their economic well-being.


With barely one out of four Americans somewhat OK with Obamacare and barely one in three who continue to support its namesake, it is safe to say that the proverbial jig is up.  To the chagrin of Democrat senators and congressmen who gleefully co-promoted and voted for their Dear Leader's poor excuse (even for socialized medicine) and later worked so hard to get Obama reelected by hook and crook, those efforts are now an albatross in their 2014 reelection campaigns.
As a result of Obama's complete loss of credibility, Democrat strategists and candidates now find him "toxic" and most will opt not to take advantage of his vaunted campaigning and fundraising talents -- which ostensibly consists of the ability to lie glibly through his teeth while reading from a teleprompter script.
With all of their noses grown Pinocchio long, an even bigger shellacking than in the 2010 midterm elections is quite likely. A relatively new lie promoting the notion that the electorate "hates Republicans even more" is laughable.
At this point the best thing that even Democrat frontrunner, the First Lady of Pants Suits (FLOPS), can say for herself is that she had nothing to do with Obamacare because she was too busy trying her best to be a great Secretary of State. Bring it Hillary!

Reality-based Democrats will also be haunted by the shocking 2010 special election of a Republican to the late Ted Kennedy's vacated Massachusetts Senate seat.  Scott Brown (back in the limelight now in his attempt to overthrow a teetering Democrat senator in New Hampshire) kept his campaign promise to be the deciding Obamacare squash vote, leading to the subversion of the system that is a major reason why Democrats are held in such low esteem today. 

Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat promising to vote against Obamacare.

While much is rightfully being made of the administration's unlawful unilateral twisting of its own Obamacare rules, deadlines and penalties for (what else is new?) political advantage, overall support for the substance and cost of Obama's health insurance scam continues to trend downward despite recent propaganda that cites a single questionable contradictory poll.
Respected major national polls showed a mere 26% approval for the un-Affordable Care Act on the heels of yet another "final" extension of the Obamacare enrollment deadline in the week leading up to the claimed 7-million enrolled figure released and bragged about by the administration on April Fools Day.
For conservative midterm candidates in the forthcoming harvest, anti-Obamacare sentiment will need very little cultivation.  Most of the campaign fertilizer should, therefore, be applied to issues like the dying economy, unemployment, the cost and corruption of big government, the lack of defense and credible foreign policy and to the overall ineptitude of the Obama administration and the lock-stepping Democrats who have wholeheartedly supported its failed agenda.

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I am so looking forward to the upcoming elections.  They can spin it anyway they want, the American people know if their lives have improved with the "fundamental changes" this administration promised and brought. 

When Mary Landrieu's ads come on TV, I cannot believe she actually believes that she can spin her vote for Obamanation away.

Lafayette, LA

"The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates." - Tacitus, Roman Empire Senator

Does history really repeat itself, or does it just rhyme??



The Wild, Wild West.

The democrats have been sitting on the Titanic waiting for it to sink(like this country)and never once cared. They rammed Obamacare down our throats without a single republican vote yet they want republicans (rinos like Johnny McCain and Lindsay Goober graham) to offerhelp. They might as well become democrats (they will because they will be voted out soon in their primaries). The fact is that you will see more hatred of republicans - especially the tea party - and of American institutions like marriage and abortion turned into a cat fight sooner than you think. These democrats removed God from their platform in 2008 and Barry Soetero was ok with that. All you need to do is see the Sunday show this past weekend with Howard Kurtz and you will see the Nazifascist gay reporter saying that the LGBT community went after Barry Soetero to force his position on traditional marriage to change. He was vehement about and very proud of his Nazi self loathing. Despicable they are all the femninazis, gaynazis and Obama-loving communist rats in the media. It is disgusting. Journalism is dead. Great blog report eddobloggo!


Paul Nelson

Winchester, CA

eddo, eddo, eddo....

This post reminds me of  the song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." Sung with much gusto, vigor, and vim, with the secret suspicion that it's really a time-wasting exercise in futility.

Why? Because all the elephants know that Madame Pantsuit will flick her whip and toss a mouse in their direction in 2016. The ensuing pachyderm panic is what makes the circus fun!

Matlock 61
The home of Limpid-eyed Landrieu, the Sultry Shirley Temple of SWLA!!!

[Stampeding elephants leave behind a lot of manure.  Don't step on the obama, RevBro. -ED]

Rev, the backside of a donkey will always be the backside of a donkey. 

Lafayette, LA

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