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90-Day Warning

After eight years of ignored warnings about the most dangerously inept agenda-driven administration imaginable there is little to be optimistic about regarding what might occur a mere 90 days from now on Election Day.


You can't see the training wheels.The last eight years are not only proof of just how low-informational the American electorate can be but also of how easily gullibles are manipulated by the leftist mainstream media's irresponsible collusion with Obamunists. Knowledgeless people have been brainwashed into believing that what is bad is actually good (and vice versa) through the repetitive pounding home of simple feel-good/hate-good talking points embedded in leftist propaganda.  "Obama rescued us from another Great Depression" and "Conservatives hate Obama because they are racist" are examples of the vice and versa that low-infos have bought into.


Some consolation has come in the form of the two mid-term "shellackings" that eliminated Obamunist control of Congress and wherein there are now just barely enough sane voices in Washington to cry "NO" before the Titanic is allowed to sideswipe an iceberg.  But it's too close for comfort considering that Republican leadership is wishy-washy, unprincipled and has proven that it cannot even be trusted even to keep its campaign pledges.


Which brings us to the leadership's small-mindedness that would allow the continuation of Obamunist madness and destruction to continue for at least another four years; sufficient time for the left to so diminish the USA as to make it unrecognizable even to a time traveler who last visited less than a decade ago.  They refuse to work diligently to elect their party's rightful nominee for fear that the left will demonize them -- which is exactly what liberals will do in any case.


Even if, purely for argument's sake, yet another leftist administration somehow manages to keep the ship of state afloat with assistance from a slightly more conservative Congress, it is an absolute guarantee that the primary goal of progressives will have been achieved if the Secretary of Skate is ever inaugurated crook-in-chief. The Supreme Court, for all intents and purposes, would forever be the rubber stamp of approval for every anti-Constitutional agenda point of the ever-farther left. 


If that fails to motivate the corrupt small-minded bruised egos who are refusing to coalesce behind Donald Trump, even as a last-ditch effort to preserve what's left of our nation and its traditions, then we might as well just go to sleep for the next 90 days and pray that our nation will have at least a remote chance of returning to its former greatness at some time in the future.

In upstate New York an anti-Trump Congressinal candidate has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

In upstate New York an anti-Trump Republican candidate has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Instead, in cooperation with the DNC rather than the RNC, Speaker Ryan and his cronies are running with every phony talking point concocted by Obamunists for the leftist media.  Isn't it rich that the latest round of anti-Trump talking points revolve around Trump's qualifications and mental health? 


Of course Obama, the least accomplished emptiest suit ever to run for president, is the leader of the "Trump should be forced to drop out because he's unqualified" chorus pursuant to some media-hyped Trump gaffes that were nowhere near as stupid as amateur Obama telling the media that his campaign would ultimately visit all 57 states and his lying about never hearing Rev. Wright say anything racist or anti-American during the 20 years he sat through his sermons -- which he had to walk back in a televised campaign speech to survive.


And speaking of gaffe machines, the left has the gall to question Trump's sanity while they have endearingly referred to their vice-president as "Crazy Uncle Joe" for the entire 7-1/2  years that he has simultaneously been a heartbeat away from the oval office and a straitjacket. 


Are Mrs. Trump's risque photos, taken during her lucrative youthful modeling career long before becoming a political personality, any more inappropriate than Obama's daughter twerking at a well-attended concert as our civil servants in the Secret Service were forced to look on?  The mainstream media obviously thinks so based on the coverage that each story has received.


Of course, Bill Clinton's sex crimes and escapades before, during and after he left his DNA all over the Oval Office furniture and carpets are never mentioned by Hillary slobberers who cry "misogynist!" if you mention women and resume binders in the same paragraph. Neither is the fact that the server was in Bill's closet as well, making him an accessory in any criminal prosecution of Hillary should the Department of Justice ever become un-rigged again.


Meanwhile, no one in the establishment advances the narrative of Hillary Clinton's "thick resume" of crookedness, carelessness, fecklessness and under-qualification -- which (90-day warning!) is the most important candidate-oriented issue on the ballot.


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“Donald Trump is not my favorite GOP hopeful and even if he becomes the ultimate Republican candidate I will not vote for him unless he is also endorsed by my own Conservative Party of New York, which is unlikely…” - eddobloggo

The most damning observation is that the only other Republicans who have withheld their endorsement from Trump are Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, and George H. W. Bush—men whose careers are over and who literally have nothing to lose. Everyone with skin in the game has let expediency triumph over principle, unless, of course, the Honorable Richard Hanna. Et tu, eddo?


Matlock 61

Louisiana - Un Etat Nouveau Bleu

[You have quoted me accurately, Revbro -- a promise made prior to the ultimate rightful installation of Trump as the GOP candidate.  At least for the time being, NY Conservatives are On the Trump Train and OFF the Hanna Bananna Boat. Simply stated, un-corrupt conservatives know that a Hillary presidency would kill the USA while Trump might either fulfill his promises or risk being banished from politics forever in four years a la Jimmy Peanuts. Therein lies the best "principle" that I can cite to folks what got brains and would cut off their noses to spite their faces. -ED]

All in all, if the D.C. Hillbillies are able to control their past then they are also able to control their future.  In my opinion, if our justice system fails to prosecute these two, then courage to do so in the future is weak.


Even in this new paradigm that is professed by the powers-to-be, the citizens of this country cannot afford it.  Do these ‘demigods’ actually believe they can turn us all into serfs and bleed us dry in order to make room for the illegals, the terrorists, the convicted felons, ad infinitum.  What should scare folks is that Hillbilly Clinton actually believes she is ‘Cleopatra’ and should control the world.


Not sure who said it, but the three qualities we need to remember going forward are, great faith, great doubt and great effort in order to defeat the likes of the D.C. Hillbillies…



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