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I know it's a little bit difficult tough to spot them in the crowd.  Aging makes many of us appear  quite different from the way we looked back in the Sixties, especially those who have messed around -- culturally, of course -- with hallucinogens, then and even now.


Nonetheless, all of the liberal Baby Boomers can be found in this demonstration parade picture.  No exceptions.


Look closely and you'll see Bill Clinton with shoulder length hair and a beard.  Standing right by his side is Hillary in (what else?) a dungaree pants suit and a pair of granny glasses.  Way in the back you can pick out a slightly older Harry Reid wearing very dark Roy Orbison-style shades.

Lefties have been demonstrating to ban the Bomb for decades.  They change their tune when benjamin Netanyahu begs them to do so.


Bill & Hill back in the day.I repeat, all the rest of your favorite leftist tuskers are also in the picture.  Look real closely and you'll chuckle when you recognize Chuck Schumer photo-bombing some radical collegian being interviewed for the nightly news. Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pat Leahy and others -- every elder statesperson of the Democrat party who recently bashed and/or boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress.


By the way, did you spot Chris Matthews in the picture, rubbing his left leg on the sidelines near where John Kerry is handing out Jane Fonda Viet Cong propaganda posters?

The left has always wanted No Nukes -- except now when Benjamin Netanyahu pleads for iran to be a No Nukes entity.

Skipping ahead a generation, all of the liberal nieces and nephews of the aforementioned were in the crowd while peacenik rock idols donated the proceeds from their musical demonstrations to the Boomers' erstwhile "Ban the Bomb" cause.


They're all present.  Patty Murray, Luis Gutierrez, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the rest.  Out in the arena parking lot an activist would-be Ivy League professor in a Panama hat can be seen spliffing with his Choom Gang while James Taylor and Carly Simon whined the "Mockingbird" song.


Your Dear Leader the pothead.So if you heard that a well-known world leader came before the US Congress to plead for our nation's solidarity with his modern-day "No Nukes/Ban the Bomb" cause you might assume that 100% of the Democrats in Congress, plus the equally progressive mainstream media, would be ecstatically supportive of such a historically liberal message.


But no. Hypocrites that they are, leftists will readily abandon professed philosophies in favor of agenda-driven, partisan politics -- even when those agenda are absurd, illogical and grossly anti-American.


Along with the rest of his empty and broken promises, your Dear Leader pledged to "sit down with anyone" in an effort to promote good relations and world peace. Well, Benjamin Netanyahu isn't just "anyone".  Netanyahu represents a staunch ally of the United States, one of our only trusted friends in the Middle East, if not the only one.


When it comes to conservatives, whether they be Americans or foreign nationals like Benjamin Netanyahu, liberals will give no quarter and are easily able to rationalize not only that they aren't dead wrong, but that they have been sticking to their long-held principles in the process of screwing things up all along. 


The rest of us know that liberals are never right, are always revisionist and have no principles to which they, themselves, are bound to adhere -- only philosophies they demand WE live by.


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What troubles me the most about many of the aforementioned is that they think they are above our laws. They obviously believe they are important, quite special and have an agenda that supersedes our constitutional rights.

Most Left Wing career politicians have no grasp on reality and believe that Americans have no idea what is good for them. Chances are, no matter what happens to the 'Hillbillies' during this current investigation, they will take over the White House once again...



The Wild, Wild West.

[Maybe we'll finally get back the furnishings and tableware they carted out of the WH when they left in Y2K. -ED]

Hiya, Ed...(squinting @ bright sunlight)..,


Just recovering from the Mardi Gras Chicken Chase in Mamou, La. Them chickens in Mamou be hard to catch, lemme tell ya! Just like them chicks on Bourbon Street...er...no...them Bourbon Street chicks chases YOU!


What does this have to do with your blog? Nothing.


Just that the pic of The Cool One hittin' that hooter brought back some fond memories of (some of) my youthful indiscretions. I gotta get me a T-shirt with that pic printed on it for our next Voter Registration Drive & 2 Bics For A Benjie Church Picnic*...



Matlock 61

(*turn in 2 pistols, get $100, no questions asked)

Lafayette, LA

[The "Cool One" et al are short a whole lot of brain cells for a reason. -ED]

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