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Perhaps you've noticed that there isn't all that much difference between the anti-religious hate speech message promoted by secular progressives and the religious dogma-motivated brand of intolerance being spewed forth by murderous jihadist terrorist zealots.


Whereas the liberals are enabled and justified by freedoms that so-called democratic nations provide and cherish, hate speech -- including provocative cartoons and social media postings -- is hate speech, nonetheless. 


While, thankfully, progressives rarely resort to the mayhem embraced by jihadists, their anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-Traditional American Values ravings are otherwise essentially the same in both content and intent.


During a pause in the writing of this piece I visited newsbusters.org where I found this video in which Brent Bozell's comments to Stuart Varney eloquently echoed thoughts that were kicking around in my head at that very moment...




Sorry, Charlie.

Sorry, Charlie. While I stand in solidarity with those world leaders who gathered to mourn your dead and say “enough already!” to Islamic terrorism, I still find the kind of "biting satire" that makes a mockery of the sacred entities of any religion to be anything but necessary, let alone funny.


Sorry, Charlie.  As an activist proponent of the First Amendment of the US Constitution I am, nonetheless, equally disgusted by your demeaning depictions of Mohammed as by those you have presented of Jesus. Your intent to offend is obvious whether that intent is to offend some specific demographic or the egalitarian everybody.

Sorry, Charlie. Mohammed may have inspired the recent violence at your offices but the subject of your subsequent editions' cartoons should be the real-time bloodthirsty jihadists  -- not their proclaimed ancient prophet whom they credit with penning the verses they use to justify their barbaric reactions to your sophomoric editorial brand.

Sorry, Charlie. But you are as much a copycat of secular progressive dogma and hate speech as those future terror limelight hogs who are poised to emulate the attacks in Paris are slaves of their agenda-driven leaders' and professors' religious interpretations. While you think that
mocking religion is hip and funny, religious people are far from amused by the hypocrisy of your zealously unreligious liberal hate speech.


Sorry, Charlie.  But I must call you out on your apostasy vis a vis your supporters' religion -- political correctness -- that is preached so fervently by those on the left who have embraced you before, during and after this terrorist tragedy. 


Sorry, Charlie.  Yet another rant must end with the reminder to liberals, those who proudly swear they are the exclusive champions of political correctness, that Tolerance via Zero Tolerance is tantamount to the highest form of hypocrisy. 


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It never ceases to amaze me which people are selected as iconic heroes. 

Mary Martin
New Columbia, PA

"When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object."---Patrick Henry

Watching conservatives squint @ the Constitution is somewhat akin to watching an earthworm squinting @ a fishhook. 

"That isn't the point...is it?" they both say.

BTW, eddo, nice selfie. Red hair becomes you...


Matlock 61
Home of Mitt's running-mate Bobby J.

[Either Mitt or Bobby J would make a great VP -- of course, it wouldn't take much after Joe the Schmuck's lowering of the greatness bar to Calypso limbo altitude.  BTW, that "selfie" connected to my Fresh Rant e-mail Alert was actually an artist's conception of Biden that just came out looking like Alfred E Neuman because Joe had posed with his cosmetic choppers on the nightstand next to his hair plug maintenance kit.  Ha!  Remember, it is better to to squint at the Constitution than to trample it with golf spikes on your feet.- ED]

Does the fact that so many folks are buying weapons and ammunition give even a small hint as to how bad this current administration 'scares' so many Americans?

Omama lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality. If Omama's 'dreams' comes to fruition, I am of the opinion that we could easily become a nation of headless corpses...



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