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Confederate Flag Don't worry about flag makers and retailers losing revenue as a result of the erstwhile Confederate States banner being rendered taboo. If these guys are smart enough they will capitalize on the windfall opportunity to put at least one rainbow flag in the hands of every anti-Constitutionalist rebel and LGBT militant in America.



Of course, going after a potential market and creating employment opportunities for others in the process is precisely what American ingenuity and capitalism have always been about.  Dale Carnegie popularized the phrase: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." So go for it, entrepreneurs.


There is, however, a more sinister plan afoot that would create a revenue stream from the demonization of the Confederate Flag.  If for no other reason, this plan is sinister because it would take hard-earned tax dollars contributed by completely innocent working and self-employed Americans and redistribute them to alleged modern-day victims of slavery for which the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, arguably, has stood.

Al Sharpton to New Black Panthers:

"Get Out of Charleston"New Black Panthers want reparation for slavery.

Headline/Photo - Breitbart.com 6/26/15

Sharpton and Haley embrace.So why would the nation's foremost racial entrepreneur suddenly chase away his long-time henchmen in favor of embracing Charleston's Christian Peace and Love message along with the Tea Party-backed Governor of South Carolina?  As always and especially where Al Sharpton is concerned, FOLLOW THE MONEY!


The New Black Panthers' militantly hateful revival of the decades-old call for monetary restitution payments to descendants of slavery stands to weaken Rev. Al's forthcoming pure justice-based rhetoric demanding the very same thing. His rap, which liberals of every sexual-preference stripe will embrace, will go something like this:


"Now that even conservatives in the Deep South agree that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism, injustice and oppression that should have been removed from public display long ago, our longtime struggle for reparations has been validated.  Black people in America have lived under the flag of slavery before, during and long after the Civil War..."

No, I'm not bucking for a job as Sharpton's speech writer but I've been around long enough to easily predict exactly where this will go next, now that the customary incitment of race riots has voluntarily been removed from his bag of tricks. But don't be surprised if racial unrest in the streets isn't trotted-out later as a threat, should the slavery reparations cause meet with stiff opposition. Absent a major threat it wouldn't really be a proper shakedown.

[Incidentally eddobloggo® insiders, expect, as I do, to hear this same prediction made soon by Rush Limbaugh. Just remember that this rant was published some 26 hours prior to Rush's Monday airtime.]

Also predictable was the left's eagerness to endorse the removal of the last vestiges of the Confederacy from every nook, cranny, wall and park in the southern states. 

With all that work ahead, you might think that someone, if not Sharpton himself, would suggest that unemployed Black youth be hired to execute such a monumental (no pun intended) task. Obviously, it takes a conservative to spot a real shovel-ready project.

Liberals everywhere -- even non-descendents of slaves -- will be living as slaves vicariously until every last Confederate symbol is obliterated. 

Similarly, every liberal -- even presumed heterosexuals and gender-certains -- will be living, vicariously, as same-sex fiancés

Of course, they will be encouraged to do so by your Dear Leader, who certainly resembles both of the foregoing remarks.

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It goes so much farther than that, eddo.  When I was a student at UNO [University New Orleans] in the late 90's, one of our English writing assignments was to debate a recent decision to remove the name 'George Washington'  from an elementary school in the city and replace it with the name of a black historical figure. The reason for the switch: our founding father and first president had owned slaves.

If that can be done in the '90's .... prepare yourself for shock and awe. 


Mary Martin

(...contemplates Mary's claim of studenthood in the late 90's with "shock and awe", aka "cynical disbelief"...)
 Ha! Hiya, old pal!
 But I digress. For those of you who possess a visceral reaction to the recent spate of Constitutional assassination attempts, let Matlock extend to you a balm for your colonic spasms:
 It's called a vote.
 For those politicians who pander shamelessly towards those anti-Constitutionalists, vote for their opponents during your next trip to the polls.
 For those businesses/organizations for whom shameless hucksterism is a way of life, vote with your pocketbook. 
 As Ma'am Shuckey (one of Creole/Cajun country's local madams) once said, "Black is Black, and White is White, but t'ank Gawd, money is green!"
 Matlock 61
 Hoping Christie body-slams Jindal et al, softening him up for an Arkansas butt-whuppin' via FLOPS....
[Even IF each and every one of the Supreeems had been installed by what I deem to be the enemy opposition party (not at all the case here) my suggested vote against liberal candidates would not have prevented what this body has done to shame not only the Supreme Court's history but the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. -ED]

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