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Taking Credit

No, this is not a piece about the president-elect's righteously boastful PR surrounding his victory, early evidence of promise-keeping (Ford, Carrier and Softbank jobs deals) or the prompt appointment of cabinet members and advisors. However, there is a notable similarity between Donald Trump's media messaging model and the credit-taking strategy I propose to combat the global threat of ever-increasing radicalization of Muslim youth.


Ever since terrorist attacks like suicide-vest bombings began decades ago in Israel, the media has always reported such carnage in the very same manner -- ending each report by naming the gang that is taking credit for the maiming and murder of innocents or by stating, regretfully, that "no group has yet stepped forward to take credit for the attack."

Lone Wolf?

Therefore, even when a so-called "lone wolf" like the radicalized Somali university student who recently set out to improvise a mini-9/11 on the Ohio State campus by using his own car and a sharp knife, the media leaves the door wide open for ISIS, Al-Shabaab, al Qaeda or any other jihadist group to be taking credit for their inspirational part in the lone wolf's terror.


Subsequently, the credit-takers add yet another job to their online resume of Islamo-facist accomplishments that serves to further enhance global recruitment efforts. This is a vicious circle that must be broken if we ever hope to win the propaganda war with radical Islam. Thus far, I needn't remind you, the jihadists have always been way ahead of us and they continue to increase their advantage, unperturbed by Obama administration policy.


Because :"the best defense is a good offense," it is essential for the government, if not media, to be more offensive in the way it reports and acknowledges reports about radical Islamic terrorism.  A big first step in the right direction is that the incoming president and his administration will actually be using correct -- rather than politically-correct -- nomenclature to describe these murderous vermin.


Thus far, the warning being issued by media and administration experts is that we simply must be more vigilant in our monitoring efforts. To date, the primary reason given for the rise and continued growth of global radical Islam is that terror groups' propagandists are masters of internet and social media manipulation and also at flying under intel-gathering radar.


If this is true then the social media have actually become the anti-social media and they should, therefore, be shunned by the rest of us until which time as their self-policing and cooperative information sharing has created a safer, non-enabling environment.  When you consider how much Facebook, Twitter and Google already know about all of their users, worrying about the privacy rights of a potential terrorist lone wolf is nothing short of insanity.


By following Donald Trump's model of aggressively seizing control of social media a) to discredit unfriendly propaganda and b) to promote his own agenda, we could turn the internet into a less attractive vehicle for jihadist recruitment. 


You can be certain that Donald Trump would never allow someone else to take credit for one of his own ideas or accomplishments.  Domestic lone wolves. dead or alive, should be portrayed as evil, bloodthirsty individual miscreants rather than as international sleeper cell members of the global jihad.  At best they are copycats who are even more twisted than their organized heroes who crave taking inspirational credit for the terrorist acts of others.


Finally, we need -- more aggressively -- to be taking credit for every effort, both big and small, that hinders or thwarts terrorism. That would include making heroes of law enforcement officers and civilians who "see something and say something", allowing them to remain anonymous if it is their desire. 


Rather than allowing the enemy to create heroes, in our own media, of bad actors in the American Muslim community, we should be making heroes of those in the Muslim community who extend patriotic cooperation.  We must be taking credit whenever possible instead of always giving credit to those who deserve only condemnation.


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