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None is righteous...   (originally published 12/12/12)

A Wonky NPR Online report reads:


[In the 2012 presidential election] the growing number of voters not aligned with a specific religion helped Obama overcome deficits with Protestants and Catholics in key swing states. The Pew Research Center calls this group "nones" — agnostics, atheists and those who define themselves simply as "religious" or "spiritual but not religious."

"None" Nation: The growing number of voters not aligned with a specific religion helped President Obama overcome deficits with Protestants and Catholics in key swing states. The Pew Research Center calls this group "nones" — agnostics, atheists and those who define themselves simply as "religious" or "spiritual but not religious."

Since each none is already part of some larger demographic group it might be tempting to say something like: "What difference would it have made if an African-American woman in Cincinnati with a federal government job or a gay male college student in Pittsburgh also just happens to be an atheist?"  But that would be simplistic, like the left's long-held belief that every churchgoer is automatically a conservative or Tea Party Patriot.  If only.

While non-religious organizations can be counted on to vote as blocs the NRA is a good example churches (the generic term for houses of worship) are an entirely different story, particularly when their tax-exempt status prohibited pastors, priests and rabbis from endorsing parties and/or candidates. Thankfully, this prohibition was corrected by executive order in the early days of the Trump administration.

On a personal note, I both attend church regularly and am a politically active conservative.  As such, I'm proud of being demonized by nones and other progressives for my membership in the so-called Religious Right they so openly and bitterly detest.  Additionally, I get a good laugh out of the nones' hypocritical intolerance as well as the phony PC media that never calls them on it. it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one. - Romans 3:10 (ESV)

What irked me for so many years nearly as much as Godless leftists, however, was hearing a church sermon — perhaps one that dealt with an issue such as traditional marriage, abortion or homosexuality in Biblical terms only to stand a few minutes later in a corporate prayer that asked God, in essence, to bless the antithetical actions of the former occupant of the White House and our own far-left, pro-abortion governor. My own prayer for Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo was that they would have led according to the will and Word of God (they both claim to be a Christian) rather than in accordance with the radical socialist pro-none agenda they pandered to and personify.

Miracles do happen but I'm not holding my breath where secular progressives are concerned. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, my own church never prayed quite that way and so my best guess is that where you worship it's likely the same story.  Perhaps our pastors have feared crossing the endorsement/anti-endorsement line, but I fear it's because their overseers have become the victims of the secularists' political correctness — long referred to here as tolerance via zero tolerance.

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." - Malcom X

Have you heard of the Secular Coalition for America? The SCA is an umbrella group representing 11 non-theistic organizations in other words, the nones whose stated "purpose is to amplify the diverse and growing voice of the non-theistic community in the United States...their purpose in founding the coalition was to formalize a cooperative structure for visible, unified activism to improve the civic situation of citizens with a naturalistic worldview."  In analyzing voting data about nones, political scientist Juhem Navarro-Rivera wrote, on Public Religion Research Institute’s website, about the difficulty Democrats will face attempting to reconcile conflicting segments of their base, black Protestants for instance, and the nones.

Perhaps I missed something in the 2012 election but it didn't seem like the Democrat Party's nones prevented any black Protestants from voting for Obama.  For that matter, neither Catholic nor Pentecostal Latinos nor Jews were impacted either. 

Furthermore, it is quite unlikely, as a result of media bias, that Mitt Romney would have received any more votes had he declared himself a none iather than a Mormon.  For every secularist vote he might have gained, two votes from the actual Religious Right would probably have been lost.

The view from my pew: Secularists better pray for more campaigns that completely skirt the real issues of the real America. Otherwise, after eight years of economy-crushing and foreign policy-mangling Obamunism which has been highlighted by gains and reversals so quickly crafted by Donald Trump, the left's chance of ever succeeding with social issues is slim...and none.

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...So in essence [you are] upset that people who don't follow [your] religious guidelines are having a greater say in how America is governed. Right. The horror indeed!



Temecula, CA

[I am "upset" not only because our nation is becoming more and more un-Godly but that an anti-Constitutional and un-Godly social issues agenda is what "nones" stand for. This has not only been detrimental to the rights of those who believe in God and in the intent of our Constitution but to the actual governing of this nation. What elements of the USA haven't gotten weaker as a result of the support of agenda-driven politics and governance? The answer is NONE!  -ED]

eddo, you are being such a bully to the "nones".

Oh wait, I'm sorry, I am not supposed to use that word anymore.  Then again does that just apply to girls?  I hope I didn't hurt your self esteem. 

Lafayette, LA

So, eddo, m' quoting Malcolm now?
Malcolm would have had a lot of respect for you, Ed; he would have referred to you as a "wolf."

Better than a "fox," I'm sure! 


Matlock 61

Lafayette, LA

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