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Hope for Change

The first Obama lie: "Hope and Change"In the beginning there was the Hope and Change mantra, a simplistic psy-ops sales slogan crafted to give the least-qualified presidential candidate imaginable some sort of platform, other than his youthfulness and skin color, on which to stand. The notion that such an abstract utopian model could actually fly was advanced by two seemingly do-able campaign promises:

  • Creation of "the most transparent administration ever" in which the disenfranchised citizenry would finally be in on everything in real time via dot-gov websites C-SPAN TV coverage and daily disclosure statements.
  • Extension of political correctness to all Americans -- every ethnicity, creed and political stripe -- as well as to the citizens of the world at large, including dictators bearing great animosity toward the USA. "I will sit down to talk with anyone..." to advance the cause of peace and love on earth, Obama swore.

The repeated breaking of these two essential original campaign oaths has resulted in a diametrically opposite reality compared with what Obama originally promised.  As a result of his secrecy, unrelentingly untruthful propaganda, abuse of executive action and privilege and unparalleled divisiveness it was actually your Dear Leader, himself, who was responsible for the rise of the Tea Party, for two midterm shellackings, for the increased popularity of conservative talk radio and FoxNews.

Donald Trump's ascendancy is the ultimate response to Obamunists' failure to alter the status quo while worsening everything bad about all other aspects of government.

The most corrupt DOJ ever, and the crooked, secretive, double-dealing, double-speaking, greedy scandalous would-be successor to Obama's abject failure, Hillary Clinton, are at the core of Obama's despicable legacy of bungling dictatorial non-accomplishment.  In the end, the lofty "hope and change" slogan has been replaced by two dubious yarns spun by the the Obama administration's propaganda ministry...

  • GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead.
  • More people have health care coverage than before.

Of course, the cost of such "successes" has been borne by the taxpayers and through the exponential growth of the national debt and has caused the non-labor force of the USA to grow to 95 million -- nearly a third of our total population.

In all likelihood the election of the aforementioned hyper-prevaricating/under-achieving crooked crone would provide more of the same failed Obamunism -- on steroids -- and even if the nation is able to survive another four years of the antithesis of the American Dream and the US Constitution, the far-reaching effects of enabling Hillary Clinton to issue executive orders and to stack the Supreme Court deck with agenda-driven wannabe legislators would surely lead to the accelerated death of not only the American Dream and the Constitution but to the severe curtailment of rights and instant death of the Second Amendment by its elimination or revisionist interpretation.

Trump/Clinton Final DebateSay anything you want about Donald Trump's history of conservatism (or the lack thereof) but compared to Alinsky-radical Hillary, who spouts progressive talking points like a robocall alternating them with her own self-protective, self-aggrandizing prevarications, Trump is the Ronald Reagan of our time.  During his final debate with Clinton he passionately defended the Constitution, the rule of law, states' rights, the Second Amendment and the wisdom of the founding fathers. 


Furthermore, evangelicals,Trump defended the right-to-life movement to a greater extent than any previous Republican presidential candidate ever did on a national debate stage and his Supreme Court appointment policy is all about preserving religious liberty vis a vis same-sex marriage and LGBT issues, abortion and government funding of Planned Parenthood.  Trump's anti-jihadist stance, strong borders policy and plan to quickly eliminate ISIS are calculated to insure Judeo-Christian safety and liberty where persecution now exists in its most torturous form. 


Don't be misled by the collusive media/Clinton campaign and university/media pollsters' implications that it's "all over" for Trump with nearly three more weeks to go before Election Day.  If only Christians and gun owners show up to vote in record numbers there is ample hope for the correct outcome in this election and for the change that Obamunism has made so crucial. 


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The last debate should be a real soul searcher for all the "Christian" voters. Finally a moderator that asked the real questions and allowed us a clear perspective on these candidates. One minute Clinton is in this heart wrenching response to gun control talking about little children killing themselves with their parents guns, bragging about helping the world's children for 30 years, to it is okay to kill a child up until the point of birth for the good of the mother. I literally screamed "Thank you Lord".


The truth is out there for all those voting for her standing on their so called conscience.



Austin, TX

[Well said!  As one of the Secretary of Skate's senatorial constituents I can assure you that the only "thing" she has ever worked for is herself.  She started running for president the minute the White House door slammed behind her and the Stainmaker so her "Why am I not 50 points ahead of him?" question answers itself when people are reminded of the scandal, greed, phoniness, corruption and dishonesty -- and non-accomplishment -- that surrounds her. -ED]

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