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Insurance Policy

"He's a dimwit -- unfit to serve as president.  He stole the election from the popular vote-winning Democrat on an Electoral College technicality, aided and abetted by collusion with a nefarious head of state."

Insurance Policy

They bashed and mocked him and concocted stories about his past. They called him a liar at every turn and in every news/entertainment medium regardless of the issue or his method of dealing with it. He would be blamed for everything wrong in the universe.

Nonetheless, there was rarely any talk of impeaching him regardless of how he pronounced the word nuclear or the manner in which he touted his latest "strategery".

You can say that, unlike the current president, George W. Bush was a seasoned politician.  He had served two terms as the governor of Texas and was close to his father for all the years Bush the Elder held important government positions which included CIA Director and Vice-President prior to his own stint in the White House.

You can single out Bush's encyclopedic strategist, Chief of Staff Karl Rove, and give Rove much of the credit for keeping W disciplined and his nose clean. Additionally, unlike Trump, Bush was neither a tweeter nor a media hound and he never got involved in public squabbles with the press or his fellow politicians.

Dick Cheney - Insurance PolicyHowever, the real reason why the belligerent left stifled themselves in regard to the possibility of impeaching Bush was his ever-so-much-more hated Vice-President, Dick Cheney.  Democrats knew that if anything ever happened to soft-spoken, non-confrontational centrist Bush a ruthless, militant, outspoken neo-con who would never take liberal crap from anyone suddenly would become their president. It would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.  What an insurance policy!

The current crop of sore loser Democrats is so hell-bent on unseating Donald Trump to avenge Hillary and Obama that they are oblivious, thus far, to the true conservatism of Vice-President Mike Pence. Certainly Pence's personality is more George W. Bush-like than Cheney-esque.  Nonetheless, lefties ought to be careful what they wish for because Pence is not only a real politician and a real conservative but he is also an outspoken supporter/enabler of President Trump's agenda.

Mike Pence - Insurance PolicyBetter late than never, it wouldn't take much for Pence to become more visible and vocal and to become a formidable insurance policy for Trump, like Cheney was for Bush.  Furthermore, Mike Pence has the backing of the so-called Religious Right and of old and new Republicans in the important mid-western swing states that Trump might not have won had someone like Pence not been on the ticket.

If he were ever thrust into the presidency Pence would be capable of raising plenty of cash and could be as or more re-electable than his boss. As an added insurance policy, Pence's extensive record is unimpeachable. 


Choosing Pence as his running mate could turn out to be one of Donald Trump's most important accomplishments as well as a much-needed insurance policy.


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