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No Legwork No Legacy

If you're sickened by Obama's threat to remain on the scene as a Jiminy Cricket-like whisperer to the Pinocchios of his party and the liberal mainstream media, you needn't be overly concerned about Mr. Faux Legacy's mug being a constant annoyance in the future of a rebuilt USA.

A Legacy Without Legwork



Obama has falsely promised to work hard at very many things over the years which has made us painfully aware of his laziness and dishonesty.  Whenever the rubber ultimately meets the road your erstwhile Dear Leader always comes up short followed by hitting the links in his shorts.


Mind you, all of that excessive goofing off took place while he had a real job with major responsibilities. Being fully aware of Obama's narcissistic M.O.,why would you expect anything to be different once he becomes a certified man of leisure?


As for Obama's legacy -- good, bad or non-existant as it may be (which we have laboriously discussed here for eight years requiring no rehash today) -- there are only two ways that things can play out over the next four years and neither of them would enhance the nation's memory of the Obama years.


1. Donald Trump continues to do the legwork and makes good on his MAGA promise, proving that Obama was indeed inadequate, wrong-headed and devoid of leadership qualities. Trump's legacy would thereby obliterate Obama's.


2. Donald Trump fails to overcome Obama's blunders and inadequacies. That would make Obama's legacy a narrative of how he (Obama) irreparably broke the USA, making his legacy that of the worst president in our history.


If these vibes aren't bad enough for a guy who has already over-stayed his welcome then consider that his fellow Democrats have lost so much power during Obama's failed presidency that future congressional and gubernatorial hopefuls will attempt to keep him far away from their campaigns.


he Stainmaker campaigns for Crooked HillaryEven if Obama remains silent, Democrats certainly can't ever run on his record. The smartest woman in the world couldn't make that paper airplane fly. Keep in mind that Bill Clinton's campaigning presence aided no one -- least of all his wife -- during the 2016 elections despite his oft-touted "popularity", "retail politician" skills and a far more successful presidency than Obama's.


If for no other reason, Obama's wonderful legacy remains imaginary because he never did the legwork necessary to create a real one.  By sticking around he will certainly make his laziness and anti-Americanism more obvious, especially when compared with Trump's workaholism.  Finally, he risks adding "Sore Loser" to the dubious list of accomplishments of his actual legacy.

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President Obama's legacy is the product of his own narcissistic mind. He will spend his time making millions mingling with the Hollywood crowd and speaking engagements with liberal left wing organizations. Meantime Trump will be putting this country back on track. Obama is a bad memory.


T Daigle

Austin, TX

Obama to continue hanging around? Please…..Joe……say it ain’t so.


Jim Sizemore

Montgomery, AL

[I'm sticking with: Obama's relevancy shelf life has expired and he has zero work ethic. -ED]

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