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Mandate Trumps Malevolence
Shortly after launching today's rant to this web page bulletins about the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others in Alexandria, VA began to hit news outlets.  It's one thing to be opposed to an administration (most of us here have at least eight frustrating years of experience with that)  but to be violently opposed in thought, word and/or deed is unacceptable and a serious breach of the political correctness unilaterally preached by the opposition. I stopped short of saying the obvious -- that violence begets violence -- in this commentary, but after this morning's attempted massacre...
Most of the otherwise loony lefties that enjoy any level of face recognition have hypocritically condemned last week's malevolent presentation of a photo in which so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin holds a bloody model of Donald Trump's severed head.  Griffin, herself, subsequently apologized for going too far and disturbing everyone, including the aforementioned Trump-Hate rhetoric spewing Democrat celebs, politicians and media types. 

Kathy Griffin Crocodile TearsBut after being fired from her CNN New Year's Eve hostess gig Griffin tearfully -- with her litigation-ready attorney at her side -- doubled down on her original sentiment.  With a flood of crocodile tears Griffin has been feigning victimhood ever since reneging on her apology.  She blames the president for harassment and an attempt to abridge her right of free speech even though Trump was an innocent bystander, well-accustomed as he has become to the vulgarities and incitements of violence that are directed at him daily by deranged leftists who, by their own admission, require confinement in a safe space for mental and emotional therapy,

Then there's the New York Public Theater production wherein Shakespeare in the Park players depict their agenda-driven version of Julius Caesar being assassinated by Roman senators over the fear that he has become too tyrannical.  Unlike the Bard's original characters, however, this production portrays Caesar and his wife with Donald and Melania Trump lookalikes. You can use your own imagination as to which modern-day politician is being honored as the first to jab Donaldus Caesar with an ice pick by these lefties who not only shame America but William Shakespeare with this sophomoric junk.

Shakespeare in the Park assassinates President Trump

As benefactors such as Bank of America and Delta Airlines withdraw their patronage of Shakespeare in the Park over this disgusting political stunt it is no surprise that sore-loser lefties have called for boycotts of the withdrawers.  At the rate the snowflake nation plays the boycott card they will soon be living in off-the-grid communes, forbidden by their leaders from purchasing goods and services of any kind from American companies and retailers.

The ongoing significance of incidents like Griffin's sick shtick, Stepen Colbert's FCC-flaunting vulgarity and foul-mouthed diatribes of DNC leaders and Democrat members of Congress is that even those liberals who are too famous, too lazy or too chicken to don balaclavas and hit the streets and campuses to riot alongside their Soros-funded compatriots are, nonetheless, guilty of anti-Americanism of the highest order both because of their dangerous hatefulness and for the insane failed Obamunist agenda they are hell-bent on continuing.

Speech is and must continue to be free for all Americans.  Unfortunately, there is no sign the left will ever agree that escalating its malevolent utterances and performances is hurting America.

We have been given the golden opportunity to become great again through the president's work ethic and his refusal to be thwarted by those who demand the continuation of the destruction of our nation but this opportunity will be wasted if our legislators fail to cooperate with President Trump.

Hillary and the Democrats keep reminding us that Donald Trump did not receive the actual mandate of the American people despite winning the Electoral College votes of 37 states.  They need to be reminded that each and every one of the majority's senators and congressmen were elected solely because they did receive the majority of the votes cast by their constituents. We voted them in and now we must demand that they do not waste their mandate. 

As Shakespeare might have written:  Mandate doth trumpeth malevolence.


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Yesterday's massacre in Alexandria demonstrates the real and deadly cost of tolerating inane, belligerent ideologies to thrive. The American Left has devolved from harmless ignorance to dangerous insanity.
Timothy Buchanan

Did some Left Wing, Liberal Loon say that more Republican’s needed to die in order to save lives?  Wait a second - at my age - maybe I said it to myself after reading all the repugnant comments the far left Liberal’s made after the shootings in VA supporting the zealot.  These days I just carry a bigger gun with lots more ammunition…

The Wild, Wild West.

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