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Palm Trees and Pine Trees

Have you given any thought to why Hillary stayed in the Chappaqua "woods" so long or to why Obama has taken a month-long trip to remote Tahiti? 


The Obama story is that he and some 50 other guys -- no women allowed -- are on an adventure/retreat at the tropical island, utilizing reclusive Marlon Brando's old digs.  Either Tahiti has become the yuppie man's new YMCA (if you get my drift) or it's fun to stay there to continue plotting against the USA and its strongest proponent, Donald J. Trump, without a whole lot of media and high-tech communications getting in the way of liberal male bonding.

Not if the He-man Woman Haters Club has any say in the matter!


All fingers now point to the confirmation of Obama administration surveillance of the Trump team, before and after the election. Nonetheless, lefties will tell you that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Barack Obama taking it on the lam in the South Pacific. And rest assured that a high-class guy like Barry O would never give low-life Trumpsters the satisfaction of answering The Donald's accusatory tweet one way or the other.


Regarding Hillary, it's always a case of follow the money. With no one implicating the First Lady of Pants Suits in the surveillance saga, the coast is clear for Hillary and Bill to go back on the rubber chicken circuit to replenish the dwindling coffers of the Clinton Foundation before the two oldslimers revert to "flat broke" status.


Forget the Democrat narrative that Vladimir Putin so hates Hillary that he did all he could during the campaign to get his pal, Donald Trump, elected. 


Never forget, as Democrat's conveniently omit, that the only cyber attacks we know about for dead certain --  in full detail -- is the compromising of Hillary's illegal un-secure server (even FBI Director Comey testified to that before concluding that she didn't need to be indicted for it) housed in a closet out there in the tony Chappaqua woods...

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"


...and the hacking of DNC e-mails by whomever originally got and/or shared all of Hillary's contacts' addresses and other private lefty stuff that was gleaned from hacking Hillary's unprotected e-mail server.

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I knew you couldn't keep a good guy down!!

Obama is doing exactly what I knew he would, hanging out with his new found rich leftist friends. He is basking in the sun and the tears of his poor snowflake crew, waiting for the moment he can climb on his soap box and begin his campaign to cause as much havoc in this country as possible.

Clinton needed to escape her major embarrassment and regroup. She and Bill will always be on the gravy train. I honestly believe that they both are in for a rude awakening. Americans have seen the light!

TDaigle "Lucy"
Austin, TX

It's my theory that Obama (and to a lesser degree the Clinton’s) are still pulling the strings of the DNC.  They are laying low so as not to directly soil their hands with the dirty work of trashing the Trump administration.

But don’t worry, once they run low on cash they’ll be back in the political spotlight as the untarnished saviors of America.
Larry G. Liberty
Austin, TX

With the installation of the new DNC Chair it has become obvious that the Left-Wing Liberal Loons are grasping at anything to keep up appearances - maybe.  Now that the ‘Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ is shutting down it appears that the ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ will still be alive and well for all of us to watch…

The Wild, Wild West

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