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Defending the right to rant!


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Repeal and Renew

As usual and in spite of being handed significant proof in each election since Obama took up residence in the White House that the socialist Democrat agenda is in conflict with normal American thinking, leftists desperately seek to continue steering their rapidly-sinking Obamacare Titanic.

Obamacare Flatlines

Knowing full well that the Congressional majority and new president are mandated to make this calamity disappear, Democrats nonetheless cling to the hope that propaganda and guilt-mongering will somehow lead to "replacement" of the Affordable Care Act through mere tweaks that would allow it to survive, preserving -- at any cost to the taxpayers -- the delusional "legacy" of the anti-American misfit for whom it was aptly renamed.


Certainly, it is still fresh in your unclouded mind that the then-Democrat majority in Congress forced this debacle into law by a parliamentary parlor trick entirely without support or participation of non-Democrats.  Obama's sloganeering promised that "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor....while enjoying average annual savings of $2500 per year per family." Of course, these and other prevaricated claims went unchallenged by the liberal mainstream media.  On the contrary, the complicit media and academic elites pushed Obama's "It's the right thing to do." narrative as hard as they could.


Additionally, Congressional conservatives and we their constituents were nastily informed that they would have to "PASS the bill in order to find out what's IN the bill."  This rudeness from the same hypocrites who promised daily to be the "most transparent administration" in the nation's history. Turnabout is fair play.

Other than the ever-growing premiums and huge deductibles that have made a sad mockery of so-called Affordable Care, the larger problem with Obamacare is that it has stifled jobs growth -- particularly full-time jobs that traditionally come with health care benefits. The costliness and penalties that accrue to employers who must, by law, provide benefits to those who work 30+ hours per week has forced employers to change their hiring practices to the detriment of jobs growth.


The repeal of Obamacare in and of itself would stimulate the creation of more full-time jobs and would enable companies to upgrade millions of productive part-timers to full-time hours that include traditional, competitive employer-subsidized health care plans. Meanwhile, those who are dependents of the public sector -- government workers and subsidized recipients alike -- would continue to be taken care of as always. If anything needs tweaking going forward it is this ancient system.


That leaves only people with pre-existing conditions and young adults 21-26 years of age who are currently covered under their parents' plans who would lose any unique benefit that has resulted from Obamacare.  A simply-worded law or even a new insurance industry regulation pronounced by President Trump could quickly solve these problems.


Subsequently, insurers should be allowed to add a capped surcharge to the premiums of those with pre-existing conditions to defray their costs of full coverage.  Premiums for adult children could also be surcharged...or the maximum age of adult children could be lowered...and/or benefits could be reduced to cover only catastrophic illnesses or injuries.


Repealing Obamacare is the top priority.  Replacement has already taken effect with a new president about to be inaugurated and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. Forthcoming Circuit Court and Supreme Court appointments will complete the process of replacing Obamacare.


Soon you will be able to shop around for health care without Obamunists lying to you about how affordable it will be. You can visit websites that actually work to begin your research and to communicate your needs to companies that will be eager to compete for your business.

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There is no doubt that Omama has to return to the scene – The White House – of so many of his ‘crimes’ against the American people while keeping a close eye on the changes against his many, self-proclaimed legacies. He is obviously a true sociopath in that he has to be involved - in some way – while the new regime takes over so he can calculate exactly how much they know about his misdeeds. Classic tale of the crook that returns to the scene to throw off investigators – he is not done with us ‘stupid’ voters yet…



The Wild, Wild West.

[I couldn't agree with you more.  Needless to say, there is no shortage of enablers everywhere he goes and when he returns.-ED]

As always, you have hit the nail on the head. In the end, we taxpayers have always and will continue to foot the bill for those without insurance.


One of my employees, when asked (before Obamacare) if they would be willing to pay for their dependents coverage (I paid the full premium for the employee) declined, stating that if they needed any medical help for their “chillrun” they simply would go to the emergency room. I wonder how many individuals are not taking out coverage under Obamacare and skipping out on the penalty?



Montgomery, AL

[It should be noted more often that medical providers and administrators are the stanchest supporters of repeal. -ED]

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