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Tired of Winning

I don't know about you but I certainly resemble Trump's "tired of winning" remark. But don't get me wrong, Trump's winning attitude, self-motivation, energy and ever-growing list of what he, himself, has accomplished has nothing whatsoever to do with my fatigue.


I'm tired of winning yet another majority in the House of Representatives and having absolutely nothing to show for it -- except the disgusting spectacle of laziness, stupidity and disunity under a  Speaker who has no plan, and likely no intention, of ever making America's legislature great again.


This tiring state of affairs was falsely built on the campaign promise of 100% of the Republican Congressmen and women who all pledged to repeal Obamacare if they were ever given the chance. In fact, while overturning the ACA was a complete impossibility during the Pelosi years, dozens of repeal initiatives have been passed in the House since the original Obama shellacking in 2010. Under the current nuclear option-embracing Republican Senate majority, getting any old or new bill passed should be a slam dunk.


You might get in the "winning too much" spirit being reminded that those pathetic clowns who profess to be doing the work of their conservative constituents will not be around to do any further damage to our president's agenda until April 24.


Furthermore, I'm tired of winning members' in both houses of Congress idiotic knee-jerk reactions to fake and distorted talking points being promoted by Democrats and their propaganda ministry, the leftist mainstream media. For example, Republicans are supporting, and in some cases even promoting the notion that investigations of Russia are necessary because Vladimir Putin obviously did all he could to get Trump elected.


Meanwhile, pursuing proven partisan corruption in the Obama administration (ie. IRS targeting of conservative entities) and the gross money-grubbing corruption of the Clinton Foundation (including the selling out US uranium interests to the same Russia that supposedly hates Hillary) is non-existent.


I'm certain that most of you are tired of winning debate battles with Obamunists and being way ahead in the common sense war only to have the leftist media reinforce the wrong-headed beliefs held by elitist-educated liberals -- none of whom have any concept of the workings of the real world let alone of common sense.

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