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un-Civil War

Do the Democrats matter?In case you haven't figured it out yet, there is one specific reason why the left hates and fears Donald Trump.  The President wants to "Make America Great Again" and, having amassed enough Electoral College votes to fulfill the promise of his slogan, he is empowered to thwart the left's diametrically opposite agenda.


You and I know that America has been intentionally weakened in every domestic and international measurement by Obama and his sycophantic Democrat cohorts, including the vast majority of the powerful media. Patriots easily grasp the simplicity of the MAGA slogan -- that traditional American values, policies and leadership can and should be restored in order to redeem and preserve the nation we love.

Of course, Obamunist agenda warriors see Trump and his sloganeering as the beginning of the end of their irrational anti-American grip on our nation and its "fundamental transformation."   For the left this is the reason to continue the civil war they started unilaterally on the day in 2008 that their Jefferson Davis, Barack Hussein Obama, was elected and complemented with a Congressional majority in both houses.

Why are liberals loath to have "boots on the ground" in enemy lands or occupied territory?  Why has our military, space program and foreign standing been intentionally reduced to rubble?  Why has the domestic power of the federal government been dangerously and expensively bloated?

Because the left's war on traditional Judeo-Christian values and conservative, patriotic Constitutionalism is the only fight they care about.  As a result of Obama's unchecked "I've got a pen and a phone" governance, anti-Americans are way ahead in the civil war and continue battling as though they are undefeated and have momentum in their favor, despite the loss of the biggest battle of the war thus far.

Having had the majority of their leaders ousted from offices throughout the nation, Democrats are now fearfully and painfully aware that a Trump-like patriotic populist candidate has the potential to flip almost any blue state in any given gubernatorial or Congressional election.  Such a possibility increases exponentially if Donald Trump is allowed to fulfill his campaign promises to the American people.

Beyond any doubt, Trump and his generals know that peace can only be achieved through strength and the unwavering promise that our superior strength will be used to its fullest extent against any enemy foolish enough to defy it.  But does Trump and his administration realize that the enemy within will keep battling until the moment they are made to comprehend that their efforts to continue destroying America will prove to be just as futile as a foreign aggressor's? They must be reminded daily about their ever-shrinking minority and ever-growing irrelevance.

Agenda-driven Democrats took every possible advantage of the rest of us when we were at our weakest, simply because they could.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot they must not be allowed to think for a moment that their agenda can survive while they are at their weakest -- an even smaller minority than Republicans comprised in the early years of Obamunism.  As a result of Trump receiving the majority of the popular vote in 37 of 50 states and his subsequent landslide Electoral College victory there is sufficient reason to simply ignore the left and promise law enforcement whenever their misbehavior becomes dangerous.

Complaining in 2010 that Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch, Obama emphatically warned his avowed "enemy" that: "We can't have special interests sitting shotgun.  We gotta have middle class families up in front.  We don't mind the Republicans joining us.  They can come for the ride but they gotta sit in back."

Certainly, the race-baiting media double standard would never allow Donald Trump to get away with making such a divisive condescending statement.  However, continued references to Obama's hyper-partisan rebukes and the Democrats' uncompromising, agenda-driven past should be thrown back at leftists whenever they threaten to undermine Trump's mandate and the will of the people. In a word, continuously.

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