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Puzzled Over "White Privilege"

Elizabethtown (PA) College students will wear white jigsaw  puzzle piece pins to encourage awareness of "White Privilege"

Elizabethtown (PA) College students will wear white jigsaw

puzzle piece pins to encourage awareness of "White Privilege"


Apparently it's much easier for educators to preach Political Correctness concepts than to teach the Three R's, let alone the most important Fourth R -- REALITY -- which has been missing from the curricula of our schools and universities for decades. Independent reality research information is also difficult to come by in the media and/or in cyberspace where the majority of writers and talking heads received their degrees and agenda indoctrination at unreal institutions and from radical leftist professors.


Here are some real statistics from the most recent US Census...

  • 14.5% of all Americans (approximately 45 million people) are living in poverty.
  • 63% of the population (approximately 198 million people) are non-Hispanic Whites
  • 14% of the population (approximately 28 million people) are non-Hispanic Blacks.
  • Disadvantaged Whites outnumber disadvantaged Blacks by 22.5 million (27.7 million to 5.18 million)

A common reaction from not-so-poor Whites when confronted with a term like White Privilege is to give a reality-based answer to blame-mongering PC liberals: "Sure I'm privileged.  Privileged to be employed and working my butt off to pay more than my fair share of taxes so the under-privileged can get the free food, clothing, shelter, phone service and health care they need while my own family struggles harder than ever to get by." It is, of course, a waste of time to attempt to prove anything to liberals in real terms, especially if race is even a tangential part of the conversation.


Truth be known, non-White working class people are saying pretty much the same thing, albeit not as a defense against the accusation of White Privilege but as it relates to their own reality.


Non-Democrats have been so demonized by the left that we take it for granted that we will be portrayed as racists regardless of our actions, heritage and life style.  We know that this latest White Privilege dog whistle is nothing more than a way for the Alinsky left to give the R-word and other overused pejoratives a needed rest and to avoid creating even more populist backlash now that the Obama Era and Hillary's crushing defeat are footnotes of history.


Part of the reality that has gone un-taught is that no White person has ever been hired for a job or admitted to a school as a result of Affirmative Action. Not only do Blacks from both parties occupy many seats in the Senate and House of Representatives but the First President of Color was easily elected and re-elected in spite of doing less to improve life for Blacks than most of his predecessors.  Incidentally, both Barack and Michelle Obama were beneficiaries of Affirmative Action which means that any number of privileged White folks may have been passed over to accommodate them.


Laughably, as white jigsaw puzzle piece pins hit college campuses, it is those innocent indoctrinated White kids that will be exploited -- lumped-in with alt-right deplorables for racial insensitivity that they would never even have dared to harbor or express. Do they really believe that wearing a dopey pin will cause the Black Lives Matter gang and the New Black Panthers to embrace them and absolve them of guilt?


The word "REALITY" should be scrawled on those white jigsaw pins because that's always the name of the missing piece in a liberal's puzzle.

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